Temptations, At Large


I wanted to do a post on my two days trip to visit my besties from college but am not too sure if they'll approve of having their Jpegs posted here. And I'm definitely not thinking of pixelating their faces - It's, rude. Anywayss, they took me to a whole lot of shopping malls and eateries. One of those being a place where we had our lunch, called Thai Thai Restaurant and I must say, I was impressed by the interior d├ęcor. It was very classy for a place which serves authentic Thai foodies. There were chandliers and shelves, and even willow branches, somewhat like a Western Cuisine restaurant. The food was top notch, especially the one I had which was introduced by Sara (top pic), my bestie who knows I'm a sucker for Tomyam/Laksa. Perfect. Jasmine, another good friend of mine, had Green Curry with rice.

Both my besties had been far too kind to me that I felt the need to blog it down here. On the second day of our trip, I was feeling nausea and dizzy all of a sudden and gosh, they bought me a Starbucks tea and walked around the mall just to get me a Panadol Actifast and some sour flavoured Mentos candies. Now, where in the world could you find friends like that? I was touched and guilty at the same time. I was basically, spoilled. Love you girls!

(Black heart pendant wrapped in lace from F21, crystal-like oversized ring in aqua blue from DIVA, vintage turquoise wristlet)

These are some of the few things I bought. Except for the turquoise wristlet which wasn't purchased during my trip. I also managed to grab a tee and slinky tanks from F21, a pair Cotton On flats for myself, managed to squeeze in another 3 pairs for my sisters and mom as well, and two bags from local mall Sg Wang. Not much cos I've spent way too much before my trip. Somebody please help me put a full stop on shopping. It's becoming an obsession!


fashiiondiaries said...

the ring is great!

fashion westie said...

You obviously have some brilliant friends...hard to find, congrats!

I adore the vintage turquoise wristlet...it's awesome.

And you only live once! Shop til you drop!

janettaylor said...

The black heart necklace is stunning, Wendy!


rebecca said...

such gorgeous jewllery! i can never find jewellery but the stuff you bought is really cool especially the black heart necklace. i dont think i could wear it coz long necklaces look funny on me but i would definitely buy it for my friend who just looks amazing in long necklaces!! x

joanne said...

i love the color of your ring!!
absolutely gorgeous!

hey, do re-link me alright?


Savvy Gal said...

cute purchases. those food look yummy.

superniko. said...

omg i love the black heart necklace :D


Elaine said...

Mmm...that food looks so delicious! And gorgeous picks! You have a good eye ;)


Georgia said...

Beautiful jewelry and colours!
I agree, its great to have friends like that!
It would be mine

joanne said...

Re to your comments:

I only used salt for seasoning, nothing else - for the veg dish!

And do tell me how your french toast turn out when you tried it! You will not regret trying to make it(((:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love it darling
so gorgeous, love the blog as always
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

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Annabel said...

that curry looks awesome. so hungry right now :D