When I first received an email from Shoeternity.com on winning the Look of The Week, my heart screamed praises and thanksgiving to God
for making this possible. A brief introduction on how Shoeternity.com operates, they are a newly established Chictopia/Lookbook kind of site
EXCEPT the shoes pretty much played the most important role. So what you want to do is just, simply sign up and upload a favourite outfit photo of
yourself, get your friends and family to vote for you and stand a chance to win the Look of The Day. If your outfit is the most coveted meaning
has the most votes throughout the week, congratulations, you've just won the Look of The Week. Easy?
Now, the most interesting part of all - winning the Look of The Week also means winning a pair of Bakers shoes of your choice AND on top of that,
your winning look will be featured in Bakersshoes.com, just like mine from my LOVE, CARRIE post! I can't wait to submit my next look already LOL

Shoeternity.com has been kind enough to send me two pairs previously and this time around, I think it'll be a perfect gift for my mom from a daughter
who rarely spoils her. So Mom, this one's for you (:

Last but not least, a superbly huge THANK YOU to those who contributed to my winning look! God bless you ♥ ♥


janettaylor said...

Thanks for sharing...

Yaary said...

congrats beauty! you totally deserve it :)

Anonymous said...

yay,,congratulations darling!
you are awesome.hope i can join

ari said...

CONGRATS!! will def check the site out, thanks :)

janettaylor said...

P.S.: Please don't forget to join the NOVICA giveaway for gift certificate for $75. ♥ Good luck, darling!

Maria said...

chic style!

- Maria, from L.A.

Grace said...

That's so sweet of you to treat your mum :)

Grace x


fhen said...

oh wow congratulations!
i will check it out
love your outfit on the last post too