Trash Slash

(F21 racerback tanks, random black tube, Vincci bangles, A.Wang inspired fringed booties and slashed leggings bought online, backpack from mute-mode)

Okay. I have to admit that this, is so not me. I would never wear something like this out. Not even out of my room. No offense, I like the tanks but I know this is not my kind of style. But, I guess, it wont hurt to at least try it on, right? Anyway, this was the F21 tanks I purchased during my trip. It was slashed 70% and felt I would be a dumbo if I were to go back home without it. Shoes are just inspired versions, not even F21. LOL. But they are uber-comfy.
And, oh, I've been tagged by Fashion Slam and I don't really know why but do check her out as she has some really nice pictures featured in her blog, which I find inspiring :) Quickie link here.

Pictures credit to mute-mode.


fashion westie said...

How could you NOT wear this outfit outside of your room???!!!! This is a travesty!!! Uber cool, uber style-y...DO IT DO IT SO SO DO IT!!

I espesh love the booties, real or not they are the shit!!!

Mila said...

WOOOOOOOOOW,you have to wear it!

Saray said...

thank you!!!
I love your outfit!:)))

Georgia said...

Sorry, but you have to wear this. It would be a crime not to.
It would be mine

Angel said...

gorg! gotta wear this out! goooo!

$ouLphate said...

it looks lovely eventhough you don't think it's your style.. but really its a great outfit ^^ go and wear it out with confidence =D

Raji said...

Ohhh I get that its not your style and stuff
But honestly this outfit looks amazing, you have to wear it out!

Champagne said...

Even if its not your style, you still make this look your own. I think you look cool.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
totally love it
thanks for sharing
love the blog as always, keep it up
and thanks for the sweet comments darling


KittyCate said...

This outfit is brilliant, I love it! Its good to sometimes step outside one's usual style and try something completely different. I think you should wear it out for coffee this week, guarantee you will receive LOTS of comments. x

Laura. said...

Its a shame you won't wear this out because it is a seriously cool look!
I love the backpack!


rebecca said...

those shoes are so cool! what a fun pair of shoes! love the outfit x

Eva Internazionale said...

I normally dislike this kind of shoes, but these are far from repulsive, especially paired with these slashed leggings.

Anonymous said...

ive linked you!


Noelle Chantal said...

same here. i don't think i can pull off this look. not that i don't like it, i love it acually! but i guess this look is not totally my kind of style too. the tank is amazing! and the DIY tights and the F21 like shoes are so nice too. thought it was from F21, great pick! :)

Mads said...

It's a great look but it's like the blogger's uniform a few months ago.. But you pull it off very well, you look very A. Wang..=)
And tanks are always a great buy! esp in white.


joanne said...

Even though its so not your style, but you pulled it off real well.
I get what you mean by you will never wear something like that out. But I guess, there is no harm trying right?

Anyway, isn't this what fashion is all about? Trying out new styles, despite it being not our style. but the impt question at the end of the day, is if we will wear it out or not.

by the way, I love your loose tank(:


oh, but you look amazing! this is my fave look!

i tagged you at my post http://afrowrinklemachine.blogspot.com/2009/12/capital.html

sexyinthecity said...

Fabulous outfit!
adore that pants!!

LACY said...

i have always loved your sense of style its so effotless :)


Wendy said...

Thanks all for the comments and feedback.. I wished dearly to have that extra time to upkeep this blog and drop by your blogs :(

Still, thanks thanks thanks!
I heart you all *hugss