Random bangle purchased online

What a relief. I've managed to get my job done before the deadline and with this extra time I have, why not a lil updating over here? That's a snapshot of my not-so-recently bought bangles, which I really love. For some reason, I kept typing the word Bangles as Bagles.

[Image source: Babeinthecity]

I also love Beef Noodles or in chinese, Ngau Lam Meen. This morning I had a bowl of it and I particularly loved the Kon Loh ones, meaning the dried version. I like them with lotsa black soy sauce, so I kind of edited the picture thus making it slightly darker in shade.
Not much of an update, ain't it? I'm feeling less of a fashionista lately and it has always been me and my work lately, so definitely no outifty pictures coming up. But hey, at least I managed to get some pics and words posted here right? (:


Georgia said...

Yum. You've got me all hungry.
It would be mine

beba, said...

Right! (:

Peace and love!

Yuka said...

YUMMMMM!! sooo good!

Anonymous said...

that food looks beyond delicious and the bracelet is TO DIE FOR
gorgeous darling
thanks for sharing

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Pennerad said...

i LOOOOOVE noodles. and those bangles are beautiful.