BlackBook September 2009, photographed by Sante D'Orazio
[Image source: tFS]



Tea For Two said...

Claire is great. She really does look like a model in this shoot. I find it off-putting when an actress doesn't really come over as a model in an editorial but I really love these pictures, she's obviously really enjoying herself. Particularly loving the fishnets.

Tea For Two said...

Oh, I want to clarify what I actually meant there, since it seems to come off haughty. I mean that if the actress is too much 'herself' and not 'in character' then I find I can't judge the editorial or enjoy it properly because it's kind of like seeing the actress on the red carpet in a nice outfit rather than in an editorial which is supposed to represent another world, another woman.

rebecca said...

what makes this shoot differeent is that instead of just being about the actress its also about the modelling as well. really beautiful and i love the setting. really cleverly done. and also claire is absolutely gorgeous! x

Fashion&Such said...

This shoot is sooooooooooooooo hot, love the metallics!
the clothes fit in perfectly with the scenery! :)

fashion westie said...

Great styling in this shoot-I've always seen her as indie/intellectual, so to see her glammed??? It works! Also...I want the sequinned leopard jacket *yum yum*

Yuka said...

wow she looks sooo different. its so unexpected. i like it!

Anonymous said...

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Damsels said...

this is an insane editorial ... i love the futuristic vibe i get from the shiny blazer thing

Liya said...

she is wooooooorking it


Soren Lorensen said...

that drink looks