That Night

As promised in the previous post, my big beautiful family and I attended this mini, supposedly Oscar night held by a local college at a local hotel. The food was excellent and delicious, probably becos we starved ourselves during the day to fit into our dresses. So, basically, even if they served some left-over pizzas, it'll still be rated as deliciously mouth-watering. So, pictures, come on out!


The decor was, almost there. Love the ceiling deco though. There were performances by the college students, some out-of-tune karaoke performances, MJ tribute dance, err what else? Think think. Yeah, a drag-queen style fashion show which I totally disagree of as my two younger siblings were there too and they are like barely 18.
We, sort of attended just for the food. So we didnt bother much about the performances LOL


There wasn't much pictures of the food either cos we were concentrating on getting 'em food into our mouths. Btw, that ain't a mini corn. It's actually a squid trying hard to incognito as one.


My sisters and I (Rebecca of Style-Antagonist, Ivy of MuteMode, and me of, you know). This has gotta be my first with the falsies and I kinda love it. Makes my eyes looked as if I just saw my favourite shoe was on sale.

Do excuse us for the multiple shots of ourselves. Tee-hee.
What a fake giggle I just gave.

Yawn. The same old shoes. I haven't been buying shoes lately and had to strap this on over and over again. And not to mention that predictable snake-skin clutch which is quite overrated here in my country.


Rebecca got nominated for Best Dressed but sadly, it only stopped there. I personally feel she should've been the Best Dressed of the night. What do you think? Obviously. Anyway, other than that, we just stuffed ourselves up till the night ended.

(MNG Suit dress, Vincci accessories, Random bangle, Urbanog shoes)

Burp. Ooo excuse me (:


moraki said...

you look fantastic! so glamorous:)

beckyxoxo said...

seems like a great event ! oh how i love your shoes :D

janettaylor said...

U look so great!


I love Ur fish ring very much...

Happy Friday!

Laura Gerencser said...

You guys look gorgeous!!!

cheddah said...

wow looks like a lot of fun!

Maggie said...

Look like u had a great evening! The subtle smokey eye makeup is perfectly executed, i love ur take on layering the plaid shirt in ur previous post, which just inspired me how to wear mine (just got a similar one recently).
Have a great weekend! =)

Nerdic.. said...

Yummie food and you all look great, love your heels.
X, fashion-nerdic.

Damsels said...

yum the food looks worth th bad karoake
and love all the accessories i see

joanne said...

i love your rings!
and gosh the food looks so so good.
nicer than any of the food photos that i took.

Dynamite socks said...

do you have enough pretty rings there :o JELOUS! love the fish scale looking one :)


beba, said...

Love the fish ring!
And thank you Wendy for adding me up to your blogroll! This is very kind (:
I added you too (:

Have a nice week!

Peace and love!

KeepSmiling said...

Nice!! Perfect outfit, perfect accessorize!

Malu said...

I LOVE your style!
Great blog:D And you're gorgeous!



Liya said...

you look great!
loooooooooove those rings

following :)


C said...

those accessories are amaaaazing.

sale items added.

$ouLphate said...

the food looks delicious! and you all look lovely! i'm especially in love with your strappy heels hihi! xoxo

Marcia B. said...

you look so cute, love the pedicure and manicure! xoxo

June Paski said...

perfect outfits, love the acessories :)


whatitfeelslike4agrrl said...

You're sisters and you are so gorgeous!

Indy said...

I love your blog! You have such great style! I love it!

Noelle Chantal said...

looks like a nice evening! and you both look so chic and beautiful. i love the shoes, accessories and the little black dresses you ladies wore. the food looks yummy as well.

it's been a while since my last visit here. hope you'll have a great week ahead :)

styleantagonist said...

Hey hey!

This is something new, i was away & barely touch blogging matters. Both of you looked fab, honestly! The food is so filling too. Uugh!

stdgals said...

you look fabulous! as always...
btw, BKK stands for Bangkok... you shld go there sometime .. :)

The Fashionista said...

Hey, I just found your blog as I was doing my daily blog rounds and I love it :-) Keep up the good work! Kay x


Jyun said...

All in black? How boring.