PHOTODIARY: 15.01.12


Now, some of you might have known that my sisters and I share a really close bond. And the second I heard they were planning a trip down to my place, I was beyond thrilled! So, last weekend I had a lovely, fruitful time with Rebecca (Ivy spent hers with the bf) doing a quick round of shopping which was a last minute deviation from our actual plan, surrendering ourselves from the idea of resisting the who-could-resist Zara sale. We had our lunch at a nearby Kenny's Roasters as an alternative after discovering that Las Carretas was closed. As sick as this may sound, we napped after that heavy lunch and when it was time for my sisters to leave, I bidded them with goodbyes and left feeling their presence still lingering.

ps: Thank you for the warm & supportive comments received in my previous post! I'm so blessed to have such lovely readers like all of you here ♥


janettaylor said...

Love that coat!

WENDY said...

Right? :D

Sara C. said...

Uao! you and Rebecca have gorgeous cameras!!! I envy them ;)
Have a nice day and good luck withyour career

Sara C.

WENDY said...

LOL we're still learning :)
Thank you for the well wishes!
God bless.

Britty said...

hi just found your blog and now i'm going to follow you because you have sweet and elegant. and you have great taste in stuff too and nice camera

WENDY said...

Hi Britty :)
That's very sweet of you..Thank you so much for dropping by & for following!