Gifted by Rebecca

I've always wanted a friendship bracelet, one might call it, or perhaps a braided bracelet, hardware finished, precisely nuts - Because I like it a little 'complicated'. And I got one. The best part is, it's a gift from my thoughtful sister (thank you).
It will definitely be on my wrist from now on! ♥


rebecca said...

looks gorgoeous! your sis has great taste x

Sara C. said...

That's fantastic! You know what? I want a friendship bracelet too!
Sara C.

WENDY said...

Rebecca: Definitely! :)

Sara: Thanks! You should totally get one too :D

Style Porn said...

I tried making one of these once. Or 100 times. It never worked. Now I want to just go ahead an buy one!

And you should totally try the cleanse. I'm a major carnivore too, I think it may be good for us to give our intestines a rest from all the strenuous work of digestion.

WENDY said...

Lol Shortcuts are so much better, ain't it?
I will definitely put myself to test this whole cleansing thing. Plus I have been over-indulging lately, it would be a great excuse to lose some weight!

Raji said...

Love this so much!
Hardcore way of being friends :P