ph. by mutemode & style antagonist
(shirt: f.o.s / skirt: honey / bag: celine nano inspired / shades: vincci / shoes: cotton on)

A simple wear & go outfit on a lazy holiday. It's hard to believe the holidays had finally reached its end. I had the most awesome week with my family with my Mom preparing her best dishes (that's how moms tell their children they love them). We feasted, BIG TIME, and I'm pretty sure we gained a few cms around the waist line but heck. That's how I tell my Mom how much I love her and the food :)

And my Dad? By 'scarring' his darling car wheels while doing the side parking. Oops --


Meisha.Style said...

perfect little celine!

jin said...

loving that celine nano!!

p.s. found you via stylecaster. will be coming back again :)

xx jin @ her imajination

Anca Tudorache said...

Hey! Great blog keep going!
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WENDY said...

Thanks girls :))

Fashiable said...

Okay..that bag is just perfect!


StyleAntagonist said...

Remember, do try to continue your good work.. we're greatly missing your absence.. love the color in this post...

a few cms doesnt do harm to you with your small framed silhouette..

camerafilmroll said...

I love the green and blue combi. They look so good together!

WENDY said...

Fashiable: Thanks! Indeed it is :)

Rebecca: Thank you for the support throughout! Both you and Ivy are my source of strength and inspiration. I look forward to our next photoshoot :)

ps: a few cms does great damages, check out how pancaked my face has become LOL!

Becks: Thank you so much!

Melissa said...

I love your outfit and how it's simple yet stylish at the same time. Looking forward to your next outfit post :)


Anonymous said...

don't call it inspired when it's actually a replica/fake/knockoff

StyleAntagonist said...

Alright that's the spirit! i am looking forward to our next photoshoot as well.. ;)

Dear Anonymous,
Ouch! i've been shot.. :D haha! but i think it's a matter of vocabulary preference here. Some say 'she has passed away' rather then 'she's dead'. Besides, in the fashion blogsphere the word 'inspired' is something widely & commonly used. Don't be supprised. We all achieved a mutual understanding that it points to a replica/fake/knockoff/duplication/fabrication etc.

Rebecca @ styleantagonist.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous, i presume you had a bad day and need to let off steam hence the sarcastic comment...btw, a replica/fake/knockoff (call it what you may) in hand is anytime better than the real deal in the tree

ivy said...

anonymous - look good without big bucks! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Wendy where did you get this bag? I'm dying for one!!!!!!

-Xin Yin

Anonymous said...

Love your stylr!