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I have been in the hunt for the most, perfect high-waisted denims since forever and when I finally got hold of this, especially one that is light-washed, there is
no letting go of it. I might have been a little Mulder and Scully on this one, but better be late than never. Oh, they are just terms we would use on late-comers.
Anyway, the polka top X-ed out another item in my must-have list. Funny that when I finally owned one, I'd just left it hang in my clothes rack and a milisecond
later (Okay, clearly I am exaggerating here, pardon me) crave over a new top or something. And a month later, I'd say things like 'Hey, I've totally forgotten that
I have one of these'. Does true love or faithfulness exists in fashion? Nah.

Simply because 'Variety, is bliss'. - Mom


janettaylor said...

Pretty shorts!


beba said...

These shorts are so cool.

I rarely crave over clothes, because my closet is small and full and I somehow always find cool pieces somewhere in the house or in the grandma's house.
And I find it so annoying when girls make wishlists saying they can not live without these shoes or without that coat etc. Or when they say they will be happy when they get this and that and that. Like consuming things really can make you happy. Okay, it does, but not for a long time.

Anyway. I'm glad you wrote this, it shows that you are aware.

And you look so lovely!

Peace and love!

ellevictoire said...

that blouse looks so good tucked into those pants :)

Michèle said...

I love thi shorts ♥
And you'r so pretty :)

xOxO Michèle


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This is such a classic, fantastic look.

jamie-lee said...

I love when you find something you have been on the hunt for for ages! x


Sweet melody said...

Nice outfit - especially the colours!


Damsels said...

i can still see the appeal of these high waist shorts!
i wore mine all summer

Lacee Swan said...

headband is adorable!!

thesydneygirl said...

great outfit!!!


jada and jon said...

Love these shorts!

If you are ever looking for anymore vintage pieces please come visit us!