ph. by pauline

My sisters and I recently joined a photo competition - House of Harlow Best Friend Competition, hosted by
Thepoplook.com, a local and popular online
boutique in Malaysia, and thanks be to God that our picture was selected as one of the Top 20! To be the winner of the this competition, we need to gather up
as much 'Likes' as possible in Facebook (where our picture and the rest are posted up) and we kind of need your help to simply, Like us :)
In order to 'Like' us, you'll need to 'Like'
The Poplook Facebook Page beforehand, and trust me, they carry really fashionable ranges of clothing lines such as
Mink Pink and Harajuku Lovers, to name a few. Oh, and they ship internationally as well.

So head on to this link
here, and start liking us!
And a million thanks to all who had voted ♥


crazy pig said...

Great photo, congrats for the top20! Hope you win the competition <3

btw- giveaway on my blog :)

janettaylor said...

YAY! What a lovely photo!


beneath the glass said...

aw, congrats- this is such a cute photo! i will def. vote for you guys- good luck :)

Beneath the Glass

kira-chan said...

i have been craving for the leopard prints wedge all the time. wish i have one soon. oh please

btw, i can help you vote on facebook. just a click a way ;)

goodluck dear friend. hope you'll get the prize.

Violet said...

good luck you all look great and very much alike lol

Vi from Cali

emily said...

wooot! you girls are racking up quite a number on FB. Hope u win - I've just clicked =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment!!
I just love looking at your blog!! the writings you do and the photos!!
very inspiring!!

Lacee Swan said...

thats awesome!-lovely photo!

Thrive on Novelty said...

Congrats! I'll head to that link now and "like" you guys. You'll win for sure! xx

Sharina said...

Hope you fabulous sisters win!!! Liked the page already! Good luck!! :)


Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

oh wow ill vote for you definitely. what a great shot!
Scrapbook de la Emma

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous photo, Good Luck I will get on and vote for you now.

Shirley said...

it is such a great picture!
i also have two older sisters and you gave me an idea to take a nice outfit pictures of us someday, but not for any competitions of course. hehe


jamie-lee said...

good luck dear, I hope you win!! xx


thesydneygirl said...

how nice! it's a great photo! good luck! X


the-caramel-lady said...

This photo are wonderful !