Sometimes, silence is really golden.


emily said...

Love those stilettos! Wish I can walk in them just as confidently as you seem to =)Highest I can go up to is 8cm ;p any taller and I start doing the giraffe walk lmao.

kira-chan said...

i really adore your brown vintage clog. wish to have it one soon. anyway, your pictures are awesome. love it dearly. :D

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous shoes!


ABOUT said...
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WENDY said...

Emily: Thanks! It takes a lot of practise. I was once doing the giraffe walk too :)

Kira-chan: Bet you will own one soon, it's worth investing and thank you very much :)

Janettaylor: You are always the one with the sweetest comment <3

Elli said...

1. These photos are amazing!
2. Awesome shoes.
3. I'm in love with the black quilted bag and your rings -- adorable.
4. That is some crazy looking grass in the third picture -- it's a really cool shot!

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

these photos are all so amazing and unique. lovely shoes, and love the quilted bag and of course those stunning rings. nice post.
Scrapbook de la Emma

Thrive on Novelty said...

OMG I want your bag! its gorgeous! your ring and shoes are super cute too. I'll take those too please? :D xx

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jamie-lee said...

Your shoes are fantastic, are those the YSLs I spy in the first shoe pic?


Haidi said...

great pictures! i love your style.


are those's YSL? Fantastic girl!!

Lacee Swan said...

such beautiful details!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly!! I love everything in these yummi photos!! Inspiration to my eyes!! Danke!!


Lovely pics. Passion for fashion is always good.

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Ah, my particular favourites are those brown platform wedges... just lovely!

The Queen of Hearts said...

These images are absolutely fantastic. I love the perspective and the saturation in each image. This post has definitely inspired me for my future self shoots. Thank you for sharing your fantastic eye with me!

The Black Queen

jules said...

i love your brown vintage bag..where did u get it from??pls reply..

Raji said...

These photos are beautiful
Love your rings
And am insanely envious of your beautiful collection of shoes and how graceful and confident you are wearing them!

beneath the glass said...

amazing shoes, i love them all! those stilettos are hot :)
Beneath the Glass

Salony said...

Those shoes, amazing, and also that first picture is very beautiful.

pj said...

wow! love the heels!!