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Yet another outfit to church. Most of my outfit posts here are my church outfits as Sunday is the only day where I could really dress up. The weather was
pretty gloomy as it's nearing monsoon, a.k.a 'fall' for Asian countries, so I threw on this old looking jumpers which has a tiny hole (not visible) even before I
bought it. Desperate in making it mine, I bought it, ignoring the hole only to find a hole-less one in another outlet. Duh-- All of a sudden, the quote 'Patience is
virtue' makes a whole lot of sense.
The shoes, was actually an inspired version of the A.Wang fringed ones. I wore it once and never wear it again after realizing that it kind of made me looked
like I had pony legs. So, altering mode switched on, I chopped the fringes away. I had never felt the slightest regret of the alteration ever since, in fact, I'm
loving the new look. Besides, the fringes need ironing upon wearing. Owh-kay.

I'm a little addicted to my maxi skirt and Old Town's Red Bean Freeze.


Mila said...

Pretty,love the maxi skirt and those rings <3

kira-chan said...

ohh your maxi skirt looks so adorable. :)

RaceforProsperity said...

love the look, your ring accessories are amazing

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

black and grey.. you cant go wrong. looooove both your rings too.
Scrapbook de la Emma

jessie said...

LOVEit. This baggy on baggy works, to my surprise. You look hott.

jamie-lee said...

sheer simplicity at its best. i love it darling! x


janettaylor said...

I love Ur bag!


Laura Sherriffs said...

I love the whole look, it is simple yet extremely chic and elegant. I LOVEEE yor jewellery :)


pj said...

like yr watch

Marcia B. said...

love your accessories!

Joanne said...

Love your accessories! and i love how your hair looks in the first picture!
btw, i have revamped my site. do give me ur opinons (:

Salony said...

You're wearing beautiful jewelry!

fhen said...

totally looove this look!
effortlessly stylish!

beba said...

I'll leave comment on upper post here.

"Think nothing is impossible, with God
Think everything has been taken cared of, by God"

I love these two, because I try to put this in my mind too.

And yes please, start sketching and drawing again, I'm sure this makes you happy, and you girl do have a talent!

Peace and love!

yiqin; said...

You are so gorgeous!I love the maxi skirt on you :)

Jenna said...

maybe i'm stupid or blind but i couldn't see the text "Post a comment" in your newer post so i'm gonna comment here bec i wanted to wish you luck and say that those are good promises :)


Anonymous said...

Yep...Sniff.. I could not leave a comment on the new post... or maybe we are all having blonde moments.. hmm.

But i thought i would wish you the best of luck darling with those promises.. it is always good to have faith as well!
Anyway!! Even if there are struggles.. i am sure if you post something about them, you will have your readers there to back you up and give you advice!!

camerafilmroll said...

Great idea to chop the fringes away!