One morning, I woke up and decided, for the love of myself, my family and my loved one(s), I will:

Stop Reduce shopping, both online and offline
Start setting aside some money for savings every month
Start taking care of my health and wellness - Vitamins / Supplements consumption
Eat healthily - more proteins, vitamins and minerals and less of craps and carbs
Holy Communion twice a day - one in the morning and one at night
Bible reading every night, before dozzing off
Not forgetting Bible studies every Friday
Take my job seriously (Yes mom, if you are reading this, I have decided to stay put for the love of you and my younger siblings, until the time comes)
Blog more
Smile more and less of frowns
Think nothing is impossible, with God
Think everything has been taken cared of, by God
Start drawing and sketching again
Make at least one handmade outfit of my own, once a month - the least
Sleep early, and stop complaining!

Most importantly, WAKE UP. I'm not getting any younger.
Can I manage it? Of course. Requoting, 'Think nothing is impossible, with God'.

Note: This will serve as a reminder every time I look at my blog and yes, I look at my blog every hour day.