Any Given Sunday

(Vintage vest dress from Winkstick, random vintage bag, rings from Diva and Vincci, oxfords from?)

Another delayed post. Randomness is my currently middle name. So do excuse the random meaningless shots. Yesterday was theee V-day and also the Chinese New Year. It was one of thee most happiest day of my life as 'he' was there to celebrate it with me. It's been awhile and yes, I missed him a lot now that he's back home. I will try to blog about it some other day but I might not cos the feelings might subside then LOL. Yes, blogging is closely related to mood. We'll see about it.


Mila said...

I want those oxfords and rings <3 <3

KeepSmiling said...

love the color of your nails! perfect for rings! :)

janettaylor said...

Pretty look!

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Good luck!

rebecca said...

that bangle is just magical and i love all the rings as well. really good use of accessories. i need to learn some lessons from you! all the accessories im wearing is an aangel ring, which i do love but its not really much.
anyway keep well x

V said...

what a beauty.

lets play a game like musical statues said...

youre soooo cute! love your bracelet its amazing

Anonymous said...

love the jewlery, especially the bracelet.
love ur blog btw, i'm following.

check mine out, if you've the chance:

Damsels said...

there is nothing better than simple minimal looks such as this .. love that dress and the shoes especially

Laura. said...

I love all the jewelry detail here!


Joanna M. said...

Love the outfit!
Black dress+tan brown oxfords= perfection!

tailorstitch said...

i know what you mean, i usually blog when i fell productive. like the blazer, reminds me of one i recently purchased :)

isabella said...

Amazing pics!

check out & comment my blog
And follow please :)


STARR said...

I love the jewelry + nails :D

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures, and i think blue color suits you :)
thanks for the comment on my blog

Emily Anne said...

love, love love it! :)

Wendy said...

Hola everyone,

Your comments really made my day :)
To Rebecca,
I should be learning from you too, help me discover new tunes :)


Manon said...

I love the color of your nails!
Such lovely photos!

Wendy said...

Thank you Manon :)

Georgia said...

Yum, and great nail polish. A definite summer starter
It would be mine

Faridah said...

I adore your white blazer!

HeadOverHeelz said...

Hi Wendy, Happy New Year!

Did u trim ur hair, u look great with the blunt bang. Love the mixed metals and the contrast with ur nail polish. Hope u have a fantastic time with ur bf! =)

bisou-joue said...

I love your outfit, vrey effortlessly chic !! I adore the color of your nail polish

Wendy said...

Hi Maggie,

Happy New Year to you too and to your family as well :)
Thank you on the hair comment, I couldn't remember if I trimmed it as I get it trimmed occasionally whenever it exceeds my eyelash LOL but thanks :) I hope you had a great time with you family as well during your New Year celebration with them :)

Take care and thanks for visiting! <3 <3

stellectism said...

you look so pretty in the lazt shoot! nice ring, match very well with the colour of your nail polish <3

Raji said...

Aww, sounds lovely
Gorgeous photos
Your ring is an absolute killer

LaDorian said...

hi great style, love the jewelry your wearing great pics.
cute style and nice blog