Scattered Pictures of The Smiles We Left Behind


The previous Sunday, my sisters and I decided to have lunch together - Something we almost never do, as sisters. We hung out with our friends, bfs at caf├ęs but between us sisters, we had a mutual agreement not to spend on food when we're out together. So, we shop, grab what we want and head straight back home. Pretty boring.
We went to Black Canyon Coffee and the food was great. Tasteful. I ordered Stir Fried Spaghetti with Minced Chicken and Hot Basil. Didnt taste basil at all. It was more of a mushroom flavour and dang it was spicy! I literally had mucus running down my nose and yet, that platter seemed so freakin 'harmless'.
My elder sister of Style-Antagonist had some Udon Tomyam Noodles which was equally delish. We had an awesome time that day and I cherish moments like this.
Today, mom and I recalled something of quite a few years ago where my lil bro claimed that he saw Jesus! The whole family was stunned and started questioning him questions like what was Jesus doing and how did He looked like. Unable to feed us all with a sharper image of what he actually saw as he was still a young boy, one of us asked him this very simple question - What was the colour of the Jesus you saw? And he said, "Black." We had goosebumps right away.


Georgia said...

Yumm, I love love love noodles! And mushroom and spiciness!
It would be mine

Mila said...

Those drinks look great!

rebecca said...

yum! i love noodles! im the same with my friends, we never just go to a restaurant together and properly chat, i guess we're all too skint! x

$ouLphate said...

ahh lunch with your sisters! i did it with mine yesterday, its quite nice to do it once in a while don't you think? anyway i looked delicious!

modediktat said...

So funny... I didn't know you were siblings :-D Lovely....
Oh, I would love to have lunch with my sister. At least I would love to have one more minute with her, I'm missing her so much. To have a sister is the biggest gift in the world.
xoxoxo Sofie

katie d said...

you guys are so adorable. I need to start doing things with my family members. Actually, my dad and I go on "father-daughter" dates hah but everyone else seems so busy and distracted :/


V said...

i have noticed a lot of fashion bloggers posting photos of them and their friends having dinner/hanging out and such and i find these entries so adorable and endearing.

i love photo number three in this because there is a frame within a frame. photos like that always catch my eye.


V said...

hello again dear. yes yes go ahead and use it. just make sure you quote/link me? or something? haha...only because i wrote it myself and took from my real physical journal!

i am glad you like it.


Wendy said...

Thank you all for the comments :)
Yeah they are my sisters and they mean a lot to me. I'm thankful that I have not two but three sisters and a cute lil bro who is too old to be cute but still cute in my eyes LOL.

thankss all :)

Joanna M. said...

Just discovered your blog and i abs. love, love, love it!
It's so fresh!


Lexi Colby said...

so nice! lovely pictures

Raji said...