Check Check

(Rafaella blazer, Nicole checkered shirt, 3PM boyfriend jeans, Vintage drawstring leather bag, rocker cuff, brass bangles and wooden beads bracelet, NOSE pumps)

OMG. I did it again. Said I will blog but I lied. Britney and Bolton. LOL. Beba, I'm here. Thank you for your concern :D I am thinking of re-vamping this space, to feel inspired again. But, no promises this time as I might be away, again.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my family and I attended my sister's Orientation Night and I will be posting them pictures pretty soon. Next up!

Okay, it's super late now. Gotta get some Zzzz.
Good night everyone!


Raji said...

This is a lovely look
I reallyy like your blazer! Its awesome

JINX said...

i love the blazer...and the rolled jeans

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the look!!

janettaylor said...

Ur look is perfection, darling!


Hannele said...

Hi Wendy, love your outfit and blog! I'll will be following you from now on :)
thanks for passing by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment <3 funny, it's the second time someone's told me I remind them of Liv T. :p
PS. Congrats on being a 1st runner up at the lingerie contest, your creation was beeautiful.

vein of noir said...

perfect fall outfit. love everything about it :)

Ash Fox said...

love your hair like this. cute outfit!



beba, said...

Yes! You're alive! :D I'm glad that you're back.
You look great in these boyfriend jeans and like your chic shirt!

Peace and love!

xtinagirl said...

WENDYYYY! :) Update more so I can distract myself when I don't want to study!

Love love love your blazer. I still don't have one after searching for a cheap one for the summer.


Faridah said...

Very cute casual but chic look. Those shoes are gorgeous! x

Blue is in Fashion said...

Nice outfits here!

LifestyleBohemia said...

I love this blazer, and love how you put the whole outfit together. Very cute!
Cute blog!
Have a great day!

Shantee said...

welcome back! haha i really like how u cuffed up the jeans :) looks refreshing.

Lesley said...

So you look AMAZING!!! I am in love with those jeans!

Tea For Two said...

The fit of those jeans is perfect. Ugh, I wish I could find some that would fit me just like that. Denim really is a lucky dip..

Gift registry said...

I love your welcome back post. Your outfit is ready and good for traveling, you look like fashionable traveler.

Digital camcorders said...

It’s great to have you back, I really like your blog and I hope this will be permanent. That’s a great outfit by the way.

Carrie said...

Hi Wendy. It's good to hear from you. Thought you disappeared from the blogging world. Also, it's good to see a new outfit post. You look great. Love the boyfriend jeans with the pumps and your bucket bag is amazing. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Hope you're doing well.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I really like this outfit! You look so relaxed, but feminine with the heels. An outfit that never goes wrong!

C said...


sale items added.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy! i am absolutely buying this style over Judy's. This is sooo much better! Very nicely paired. i'm gonna dig this! Ha ha!

maritaBliss said...

Woah, so cool! Love the heels :)