A Dose of Sunrise

(Random maxi and bangles, vintage owl necklace from online boutique, Vincci accessories)

Had a coupla drinks with my high school bestie weeks ago at Noodle Station. I recalled always being a lone ranger back then and he would always be around hence making me appeared accompanied.
Updates updates. Yeah, got my hair chopped as well and ended up getting clip-on extensions soon after, only to realize that I actually loved my hair the way it is. Speaking of indecisiveness, I am the living proof. Pff.


beba, said...

Wow, that owl necklace is pure perfection!

Peace and love!

Violet said...

i love the those rings!!

Vi from Cali

janettaylor said...

Great jewellery!


fashion westie said...

Ooooh...rings...love the look.

Maggie said...

Hi Wendy,

U r rockin' this simple maxi dress, perfectly accessorized too! Have meant to ask u where is this shooting location (did u stopby the highway)? Bravo to u, wish i can find one without any traffic flows! =)


Maria Confer said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi dress. So chic.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your blog
and the necklace is gorgeous
thanks for sharing darling

check out my blog @

Maggie said...
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HeadOverHeelz said...

Sorry my bad, signed in with the wrong id earlier! :P

Noelle Chantal said...

you look great in black! the maxi dress plus the accessories are really nice too. i like the owl pendant, fish ring and the snake like bracelet you wore. interesting pieces!

by the way, you hair looks fine to me. i chopped my hair just once. but am more happy with long hair. :)

Sapphire said...

your watch is really nice

i want one just like it


rebecca said...

dont worry im also dead indecisive! i got my hair cut short and i change my mind every two seconds whether it was a good decision! actually at the moment im lovin it so its good! x

Wendy said...

Hi All,
Thank for dropping 'em comments and for sharing with me your experiences :) really appreciate it alot!

Hi Maggie,
This highway happens to be the area where I lived in :) there are house around here actually but it's kinda hot here as you can see. Thank you for the lovely comments, as always xx

bonjour said...

Thanks for your comments!!
By the way I love the cute owl necklace and all those rings.

It makes me wish that I could wear more jewelry.

And great simple outfit!

Faridah said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your blog too and all it's fabulous photos. You look amazing here!

Thank you for you and your sister's kind words.

joanne said...

I love your owl necklace!!!

All the accessories really help made this outfit a good one(:

Shantee said...

i love ur maxi here! i've been looking for a simple one but to no avail :(

and i used to visit Noodle Station all the time haha esp when im broke cus the noodles are cheap hahah :)

SugarCube said...

Nice dress and I love the necklace ! :} I've tagged you in my must see's section come check out my blog :}