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peace at home

Was feeling a lil bored at home last week as I had to babysit my younger siblings whose schools were temporarily closed due to the H1N1 outbreak. It's been spreading quite rapidly over here but fret not, cos God is with us all :)
And with the abundance of time which I had the other day, my itchy hands decided to take pictures of that lovely quiet morning, before they were awake. I love quiet mornings. Do you too?
Oh gosh, I forgot that it's been a week since I last posted something here! I must admit I have been a bum when it comes to doing something routine like updating this space (I hate calling this a blog). My sincerest apology to you all!


Just a quick note here. I recently, meaning 2 weeks ago, purchased these beautiful thing. The ring was awesomely affordable, but as for the chain, for me, it was so not affordable at all. I love and regret it at the same time.

Another quick note here LOL. A HUGE gratitude to my sister, style-antagonist for featuring me in one of her blog post. I definitely do not deserve it at all, seriously. But still, thank you so much sis!

*sorry, I couldn't stop it seems. Notice the smaller pictures? I thought my previous ones were kind of, large so the new ones are now rescaled by just 50px smaller. Not much of a difference, isn't it?


janettaylor said...

Such a beautiful necklace! :-)


Champagne said...

Quite mornings are the best. It gives you time to think and breath.

Laura Gerencser said...

Quiet mornings are great!! Cool ring!

styleantagonist said...

Hey there, that pieces was so artistically captured. For a second, i thought of purchasing the ring all of a sudden.. ahem.. totally regretted for not purchasing it.. he he tomorrow lunch.. yeah i too love quiet morning & quiet nights, well i love muteness. i am thinking of taking a short break from my daily blog post.. this is a perfect post to relax.. thanks!

styleantagonist said...

And oh yeaah, i'm 4th duah haa ha haaa!

joanne said...

oooh, lovely ring!!
I want one too! haha.

I hate mornings!! For the time being. Cause there is construction going on just beside my block and its very noisy in the morning!
Imagine constant drilling!

Anyway, are you ok??
seems like smth is bothering you. Cheer up!

Carrie said...

I know that feeling when you love and regret something you buy. It's a beauitful piece. I hope you enjoy wearing it :)


electric feel said...

fantastic necklace

Fashion&Such said...

I was wondering where you went.
your house seems nice & the jewelry is godly.
i really need to get some new jewels :)

beba, said...

I love quiet mornings too (:
And necklace is great!

Peace and love!

CMA said...

what an attractive piece of jewelry
gorgeous darling

check out my blog @

Lilee said...

love the necklace! amaazing!

rebecca said...

the ring and chain are just beautiful! its wierd that you dont like the word blog coz i much rather it to space but we all have our own wierd and wonderful taste! it must be hard babysitting but i was just babysitting tonight and i realised children are so interesting! they just have so much to say and they see the world so differently! x

Mads said...

what a beautiful necklace, love how the fish has detailed scales on it..=)


The Haute-Shopper said...

That's a lovely necklace. I know what you mean... some items you splurge on, you can't help feeling guilty but at the same time, you're in love with what you bought. If you wear it constantly though, it will definitely be worth it!

thesydneygirl said...

i love a quiet morning too!!! thanks for your lovely comment =) yes they are all my illustrations! i'm glad you like them. that makes me happy! mwa xxx

businessclix said...

uh oh, photobucket limit exceeded...thats crap they are going to charge now