Bed of Roses

A break from my usual outfit posts. I couldn't believe it was already a year ago. Time flies real fast. Anyway, I was very blessed to have been chosen as one of the 12th finalist to compete in the finals of this very amazing event, the Triumph Inspiration Award. Fashion has always been my passion but I never thought I would've ventured into the less talked about and most feminine side of fashion, lingerie. The competition was held on the 21st of May last year and we were given a month or so, beforehand to complete our pieces. A month of teeth grinding, sleep-thinking sleeps, that it.

The concept for my lingerie piece was Beauty as the theme for this event was Female Fascination and for me, beauty fascinates women the most. Name me a woman who doesn't wanna be beautiful. [paused 30 secs]. None, am I right? So, I incorporated roses into my design which I feel best represents beauty. As this was my first ever hands on producing lingerie, I had a really hard time constructing it and finding the perfect fabrication. I went to God knows how many textile stores, for a stretchable tulle. And when I finally found it, they were not of the colour I want. The closest and the only available stretchy tulle was a light green.

Now, making it pink. I bought 2 types of fabric dye - one in pink and one in light peach. There were tons of trials and errors (okay, I exaggerated), probably more than five times (imagine boiling, adding salt & dye, simmering and washing for more than five freaking times), till I finally achieve the wanted hue. The first was too Barbie box pinkish obtained from the pink dye, the second was orangey brown, slightly pinkish from the light peach dye. I spent a day of a Sunday, just dyeing. I almost gave up a few times because it took up too much time that I was torn between my Fashion Design assignments and this. I did get support from my family, my loved one, friends and God-sent, Rico, who was the second runner-up of this contest. He was basically helping me a lot with the transportation to and fro the Triumph Headquarters and to some textile stores. In fact, all the contestant was uber friendly and supportive throughout this competition:-)


And this was the result. I was asked by one of the judges, 'how do you wash these?' It was so out of the blue and so the word dry clean just came out. Sometimes, creativity doesn't come washable. Washability only limits creativity. I should have added.


Among others. Rico's was Victorian inspired (11) and the one I loved most was the Grecian/Roman inspired (the 1st one). The winner of this competition was number 10, by Merlin Yuwita whose design was inspired by Marie Antoinette. She took home 5000MYR cold hard cash and represented my country to compete with the rest of the countries in the finals in Beijing, China.

The line-up. Which is your favourite? :-)

Local artiste: So I am guessing y'all now know where I'm from :-)

The designers/contestants

I kept imagining tripping and falling flat on my face that I chose to wear flats. Emily, the model was walking graciously on the other hand.

My sister, Ivy who managed to witness this memorable moment of my life and my besties Sara and Jessica who came to give their loudest and biggest support! Mucho mucho gracias xx

After all the pain and suffering (I gotta stop exaggerating), I finally got myself a place as the 1st runner-up. Must have been God's grace cos I seriously do not think I deserved it! And the 2nd runner-up goes to my mate, Rico Rinaldi :-) Unfortunately the 2nd and 3rd placing prize giving ceremony was only held at my uni. Click
here for pics and articles.

My greatest regret - Not trying the cute Triumph cupcakes during the Gala night, the official opening ceremony for the competition. Reason being,... I couldn't think of any! What was I thinking?? Anyway, this was just a lil something from my past. I hope y'all had fun reading it :)

Pictures courtesy of DKBU


beba, said...

How great girl! Your creation is pure perfection!

Peace and love!

janettaylor said...

OMG! So brilliant!


Georgia said...

Your design is so beautiful. The colour is perfect - all that dyeing has paid off!
It would be mine

Laura Gerencser said...

Wow! Looks fabulous!!

CMA said...

this is just lovely
great post..look like youve been having so much fun

check out my blog @

Fashion&Such said...


well done. that's actually great. I love it.

Kristin said...

That is so gorgeous. I would totally rock that. It would just have to come off before any action. Ah ha

♥ fashion chalet said...

Flirty florals, You KNOW I LOVE it!! :) and you're pretty awesome yourself, dear. :)


Mizz Supashopaholic said...
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Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Oh WOW.. yes, you truly deserved it girl!! I love love love your design -- your choice of color and fabric are PERFECT, unlike some of the others I saw??!! ( when I browsed through the other designs, I was like, ummmm I don't think I would be even close to comfy wearing that to bed!)


RoseCouture said...

It's so nice :)
You're such a talented girl!
Love it!

Champagne said...

Yours was adorable. Congrats girl.

Style Bird said...


Miranda Yeah said...

I really like your blogspot

modediktat said...


I had no idea HOW talented and fabulous you are!!!
I enjoyed reading and watching and admiring your latest post soooo, sooo much! What a huge pleasure!
CONGRATS TO YOU! Very well deserved! Your designed outfit is bombastic! Very romantic and playful, some nchanting elements - BOOOOM! Love it!
And love the several ways it has been featured by Triumph!
Again - CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS TO YOU! Oh well, you deserved it very much! Your design is very beautiful and creative PLUS it's the one that is pretty wearable! Love your design the most!!

xoxo sofie

KAELA said...

Gratz girl!!!!!!!!


Shantee said...

this looks so sweet! love the details on the bra.
congrats dear :)

Nerdic.. said...

Wow.. really sexy but cute and beautiful!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Lilee said...

that is simply amazing :)

Eva Internazionale said...

I love your design. It's something I don't think I've seen before. And the photos from the event are awesome!

bryna said...

congratulations.. your designs are awesome. i wish i could design!

Maggie said...

Congrats on the award and u r so talented!


Hello girl!

Congratulations for the award!


V said...

OH MY GOD you are bloodly brilliant. i am so surprised you didn't win, it is adorable!

please please show us more stuff you have designed. i love it!!!

so cute eeeee i want it haha


styleantagonist said...

Hey Wendy!

Such great memories :) Unfortunately i wasn't even there to witness those precious moments :( Sorry. Am so proud of you! You've should have deserve the 1st place! Anyway, i feel the contest's description was not too clear as it seemed to limit the creativity of the contestants. Have you seen the winner in Beijjing? Won by a Japanese and to my suprise, it wasn't even close to what we call "lingerie". Basically, no one would even wear it. So, i guess no one's a loser here, just that they are not well informed of the scope of creativity expected. Congrats to you!

Jason said...

Congratulations! I think you did a splendid job with the outfit and your model is beautiful!


disa said...