Mind Weaving

(Thrifted pin-striped blazer, MNG black flared top, DIY jeans shorts, Vincci studded cuff & heart-shaped pendant, vintage rocker cuff, Chanel inspired quilted shoulder bag, brandless grey woven strappy sandals)

Hmm. It seems like I am always seen wearing the same old necklace. And jacket. Who cares? Clothes are meant to be worn more than once but not the style. This would be my first grey shoes and after spending too long time being in the comfort zone of wearing shoes of black hues, I find it a lil difficult to pair up this one with the rest of the outfit. I have to basically crack my head figuring out the perfect combo.

For those who had enquired on where these shoes are from, they are from a local chinese boutique in a town where I lived :-)

Note: Thank you so much for those who dropped me comments on my previous post. They were all very thoughtful and every single comments are very much appreciated as they lift my spirits up. Although I'm still in confusion mode, I pray for the right decision.


joanne said...

oooh I love your blazer.

And i agree with you!
Clothes are meant to be worn more than once but not the style!

Its just a pity I am not innovative enough to come up with diff outfits with one piece of clothing. The clothes horse however is a guru in this.

Anyway, I think you are pretty good in creating diff outfits with the same pieces of clothing(:

Fashion&Such said...

I love those sandals so much! there's some REALLY similar ones in my local market. you're making me wanna buy them.
& i absolutely frikken love this blazer!!!!!!
keep wearing it i say :)
& thanks for your comment, i'll try & find something to wear with the romper, hopefully won't look like too much of a plum.

beba, said...

Hey, i like your shorts, is refreshingly, that pockets aren't outside (:
And sandals...they're amazing!

Peace and love!

Champagne said...

Those shoes are really cute. And I'm totally with you about wearing clothes more then once. I do it all the time(mostly because I don't have shopping money right now)

And no problem about the comments for your other post. I may not be the most religious person out there, but I still think that everyone still need a little bit a of every now and then.

janettaylor said...

Cute outfit! :-)


Laura Gerencser said...

Love this outfit!!


Just fantastic!
I love how match those shorts and the blazer!

You have the best look!

Nerdic.. said...

Those sandals!
Love the blazer and bracelets too!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Kristin said...

thanks wendy!!

Kristin said...

wendy, please follow me on blogspot too, because my bloglovin isnt working:( doesnt show you as a follower, it says 0

V said...

so cute. love it!


Anonymous said...

great shoes, love the blazer as well
great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

check out my blog @

♥ fashion chalet said...

Talking about shoes.. you've got a panache for them too. LOVELY choice. I want some. And your floppy hat below is too cute, really classic and chic!

THANKS for the lovely support, dear!!


Bella said...

Now this is effortlessly chic style... you look amazing (as always) and the pairing of the blazer with cuffed cutoffs just couldn't be more perfect.
Oh, and did I mention I want all of your accessories!!


Soren Lorensen said...

ooh i love your bag

Anonymous said...

OMG i do the same thing...

because I cant always go shopping I always have to wear the same pieces again and again. But it would be boring if i wore it the same way every time. so i have to always look for a new way to wear piece so its look different.

sometimes i change up pieces so much people dont recognize that i get compliments on a tshirt each time i wear it...its funny when i actually try and tell people that I have worn the tshirt so many times before.

Style & Beyond said...

hey sweetie! love the sandals!! you look great;)


kirstyb said...

love that blazer x

Anonymous said...

Hey, no worries. Clothes are meant to be worn till its torn apart and it became a style by itself ---> the shredded T's or Jeans :D That's the whole idea.. And btw, you're always looking good! Love your ensemble, much more of a casual look and it gives me some idea on how to construct a simple outfit yet gorgeous. My post are lacking of such looks and i should seriously consider doing one very soon.. Only issue is with my body size, i'm doubting this all the time. Especially when there's shorts involved, i would backout :D ha ha! Anyways, thanks for continuously posting your inspirations. All the best!

Damsels said...

love these sandals . they stand out . just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

shoes, blazer: everything is perfect!! :)

KAELA said...

sandals look great!! x


Couture Carrie said...

Love this look, especially the blazer and sandals ~ you look fab!


Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

Love the gray shoes!!

And thanks for the compliments on my blog chica! Yesss, I'm Malaysian but residing in the States. I still occasionally go back to KL though :)

*Just added you too.. Will be visiting often!*


Courtney said...

Great look! Love the blazer. :-)

xtinagirl said...

Hi Wendy! :) Love that studded bracelet you have on! And I completely agree, we do re-wear the same things over and over but we change it up!

And thank you! I love shredded everything right now. It was definitely fun and I had a good time with my girlfriends!


LAYNE said...

you are totally rockin the gray shoes!

How lovely you are!

labeautifulvie said...

Aww.. you mean I cant just go out and buy those shoes? Hehe....they are divine by the way!

Ilse said...

you look so lovely!! love the shoes & blazer. mm actually I love it all.

Claire said...

Your outfit is so cool, and I love your necklace :)

Style Bird said...

Great look, great blazer.

katie d said...

the grey shoes are great. I actually really love grey shoes and my closet is sadly devoid of any. you look lovely as usual :)


Beth said...

Great outfit!
Love the glads!
Beth xx

STARR said...

The shoes and blazer are so nice! Love your style ;)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

as always, a perfect choice for an outfit!

$ouLphate said...

the shoes are amazing! and i couldnt agree more with you, clothes are meant to be worn more than once! about your previous post, i think everyone has this moment in life, when they would wonder things like this.. but i'm telling you if you want to spend it your own way you have to try your best, no matter what it takes.. im also going to try! good luck hunn!

Flashes of Style said...

Wow these strappy sandals are so adorable! I love it :)

daniB said...

those sandals are amazeballs!
loves them (:

and the blazer is lovely!


thesydneygirl said...

fabulous photos lovely! ♥

Kristin said...

Love love love those grey sandals!

Wendy said...

THe feedbacks I've received were overwhelming and I can't help but to smile while reading every single one of them :) they really made my day.. and I thank you all who dropped 'em comments :)
hugss to all!


modediktat said...

Hey dear!
Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I'm so happy about it!!
A reader of first moment... :-D
What a huge pleasure!
Lady, your blog is AWESOME!!
You look so very beautiful. I love your hair and your amazing style!
I'll add you to my blogroll today and I'm very happy to be in touch - and that I can follow your blog now as well :-D
Happy Tuesday to you!
xoxo sofie

Carrie said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I greatly appreciate it.

This is a great outfit. I love the beige blazer with the denim shorts. The shoes also pulls the outfit together.

All the best,

Pierrot le Fou said...

I love the outfit!


your blazer look so cool ! love your outfit :D

Rosanna said...

those are great shoes. my friend has one just like it!


Soren Lorensen said...


that is me stunned by your talent


and who cares how it's washed when it's that beautiful? what a dumb question. No-one ever says thanks for these roses darling but how do I wash them? silly judge

tailorstitch said...

the sandals are fab, and they pop against your outfit