Okay, you may thought this is spam post or something with this weird entry title and not to mention the Photobucket thingy I'm having here. Crap. I apologise for my lack of updates and also thanks to Photobucket, you're only making me look bad here.

In the mean time while I'm figuring out how to troubleshoot this small lil problem I'm having here, maybe I'll stock up on my future posts or, visit your blog! Again, I apologise to you all and I assure you, I'll come back with more updates!
Btw, d734 stands for HELP, like a code, if you turn it upside down.



joanne said...

hey actually you can don't use photobucket to upload pictures.

you can use blogger - load from com and not from website that you host from.

anyway, hope that i m not confusing you!

Shantee said...

yeah i think u should just load frm blogger :) it loads faster for us readers as well.

and hurry back! lol

beba, said...

Computer God, please d734 Wendy :D

Peace and love!

Wendy said...

Joanne & Shantee: Heyss thank you! no, ur not confusing me at all :) i used to upload my pics using blogger but it's kinda small to my liking so i opt for photobucket instead.. anyway, thank GOD its now fixed and i can get back to blogging as usual.. and yes Shantee, a.s.a.p ;)

Beba: LOL that was funny.. but yeah, thank God, everything's back to normal! thank you too!

Rachel said...

Wow, you're such a wizzkid. I seriously didn't know about the d734.
I hope you'll be back soon!

The Frocker said...

Hey Wendy,

You can use imageshack. I use that and I haven't had any problems so far! :) Glad everything's working again though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy,

Which is why i used wordpress.. don't need 3rd party to host my images. Hoewever, it is lacking some seriously creative features & widgets! Couldn't express much when using wordpress. Photobucket used to be good but now, it has some limitation due to the storage problem. Perhaps you can try Mediafire or ImageShacks. i thought of recommending GooglePages but it has been closed for certain reasons. And hey that D374 thingy, great memories and good tips. This is what we saw in an old english tv programme when a lady was trying to ask for help from the police, they were captured by some robbers. i still clearly remember it! HAHA !! so much fun with your post. Very entertaining!