Real Slim Shreddy


I've been wanting to do a trend report on all things shredded but it took me such a long time to do so coz of the very limited time I have in a day. I know it has been circulating for quite awhile and I'm a lil back-dated on this. Anyway, so here it is.
Everyone seems to be wearing it everywhere that it makes me feel there's something wrong with my jeans coz they are not homeless looking. At the same time, I didnt wanna shred the jeans I have mainly due to the fact that fashion comes & goes and when it goes, the shreds are not something reversible and I would be stuck with holes all over my favourite jeans. I guess I'll just be an observer and not a follower in this case.
In the mean time, pardon me, I want to drool over these shreddy style.
Oh, anyone who needs a lil help on shredding, there's always my family dog, Raven to help cos she's really gooood at it. Trust me.

[Image source: facehunter, stylebubble, lanecrawford, ebay]


Rachel said...

I'm an observer with this trend as well. So I know what you mean.

moraki said...

I agree with you! sometimes the shredded jeans and shorts(!) look really great, but I dont want to destroy my clothes and to look that much scruffy :)

Fashion Moment said...

I have a few ripped jeans, and I adore them. But, yes, sometime it's can looks too much!


Wendy said...

moraki: yay gimme a high five-o! :)

fashion moment & rachel: thank you for reading my post :) hope you enjoyed it!


Ash Fox said...

i shredded my jeans freshman year of college. when i saw the pics of myself two years later i cringed. haha. i'd say get cheap pair at a thift store or marshalls if you want to try it out. thank you for all of your amazing comments. i enjoyed them immensely.


La Chauve-Souris said...

nice slection.... cant get enough of this margiela inspired jeanss

cool blog!


Damsels said...

i dont like that they are too shredded for my taste
irecently shreded a pair of old jean that i cut into shorts
it came ot well but i would only do that to jeans i dont wear alot

Champagne said...

I have a pair from Topshop. Love them so much. Though I can only wear them on weekends now since I started my internship and I really doubt that I can go to it in ripped jeans.

Wendy said...

to all: wow, i seriously love reading all these comments regarding this post :) i have gotten to know a bit of your story and interests and it's really cool!


Isabel said...

I neeeeed need to find shredded tights! Though, the ones with neat holes, like the ones you've presented!

beba said...

I don't like that trend very much. In most cases don't look good.
My mom doesn't like my style already so if I would go out like that, she would get heart attack.
Hah :D

Peace and love!

Nicci said...

I think I'll try this out soon!

Posh said...

Lóve this trend! <3 Like the Topshop version the most!