Trust Is Quicksand

(Banana Republic spaghettis, black knitted frilled vest, MANGO snake-skin skinnies, Vincci ring & chains, brandless faux suede fringe bag, tired Urbanog strappy heels)

Do you sometimes feel, that your life is about blogging instead of blogging being about your life? I have been feeling that way lately and that explains the lack of posts. Anyway, I am waiting in anticipation for this Sunday where I will be spending half the day watching the seven miniseries of Generation Kill. Back to back. Yay for me :) Tonight on the other hand, I thought I'd hit the mall with my sisters after work for some retail therapy session or maybe just strolling around for some leg exercise. We need that. Seriously.

Post title randomly taken from Sleeping At Last's, Quicksand.


Fashion&Such said...

I have no idea how people can walk in platforms n not sprain their ankles.
Or be comfortable... but you look so good in these!
& these days i feel like shopping is ONLY about exercise as i find it impossible to find anything i like..

beba said...

Nice shoes and bag.
And yes, sometimes I feel like you say.

Peace and love !

Wendy said...

fashion & such: Honestly, neither do I. It's impossible for me to walk in these but I practised at home to get it right. Have yet to try it outdoors again lol :) thank you for your comments, i really love reading them!

beba: thank you! :)

moraki said...

love your vest and the bag!!
for a while I just was looking for new blogs and posts, but i got my life back :D and thats great!!

Soren Lorensen said...

beautiful x

Georgia said...

the shoes are amazing!

It would be mine

styleantagonist said...

7th! :D LOL!! well i agree with what you said and i am very sick & tired of blogging sometimes coupled with the lack of comments received! Ha ha ha! it's really funny, come to think of it! i love he whole outlook. You look very much like Kate Moss and reminded me of her in my Dose of Inspiration post. That fringe bag was amazing! i wish i could own one too. Thanks for consistently inspiring ppl. Guess what? That layered necklace that i'm obssessed with trough your Late Confessions post? i have my old metal layered belt altered to become a necklace instead since there is no more visits to the city for F21 anymore for now.. he he..

Wendy said...

moraki, soren, georgia: thank you all for stopping by :) and them comments are real lovely!

Wendy said...

style-antagonist: ur fav number! :) thank you..that was really flattering LOL! the fringe bag was introduced by Ivy..I was never that into anything fringey but after purchasing this bag, I think it's kinda cool :) yes and you must get it posted, kayss? and fast. im telling you, im seriously looking forward for it. really and i mean it :-P

Maggie said...

I feel what u said, my hubby told me once i'd be end up like without a life being spent too much time on blogging. A short hiatus really help to freshen up our mind!!
I can't bear to slashed my own used jeans either n neither m i willing to splurge for one, so i ended up ordering one from Hottopic but have yet debuting it.
Ur jeans fit u perfectly, u vintage-y cupboard seems to complement well with all ur outfits! :)

Damsels said...

its funny you say that because i was startingto feel that .way so im just relaxing and trying to tell myself this blog is not everything . but it means so much to us you know ?

anyway thanksfor the closeup of the chains i really love the silver heart and the extra chains as well

fringe back is cute and the ruffly waves on your vest add a perfect stylish touch

Champagne said...

Those are some awesome pants and shoes girl. You look great.

Nerdic.. said...

Love the whole look, love the ring, shoes, cardigan everything!
X, fashion-nerdic.

The Pond said...

love this outfit!

thanks for the comment. and i totally agree, resort 2010 had amazing collections.


Wendy said...

maggie: I guess we have to balance it all..not too much of these and not too much of that :) thank you! ooo can't wait to see ur ripped up jeans in your upcoming post. bring it on gurl!
thank you.. yeah it seems like its always me and that cupboard :) my picture companion lol

damsels: gee, ur feeling dt way too? for a sec, i thought i was the only one :) ur so right, this blog is not everything & i'll better keep that in mind! oh, thank you for the outfit comment/feedback. it really means a lot to me!


Wendy said...

champagne, fashion-nerdic & the pond: thank you so much for dropping by and dropping a comment! :)

xoxo to all

Rachel said...

I love the outfit! Like your shoes and the vest :)

PHOTOG said...

very chic!

Posh said...

You look só great, love your hair too! <3 <3

SLF said...

love your outfit!