(GAP Maternity long sleeved tees, Vincci heart pendant, 3PM boyfriend jeans, brandless lace-up sandals, LV replica shoulder bag, mutemode's N80 lol, mine ran out of batts)

Yep. I ended up getting only leg exercises but I also managed to keep my shopaholic addiction at bay which was good for my wallet. My other sister refrained herself from going with us to curb her shopaholic ways. Gee. That was extreme, wasn't it?
It's kind of embarrassing to take my own picture, but what the hell right?


Damsels said...

i like its casual but chic / the grey baggy T and the rolled up jeans
happy 4th of july

joanne said...

what phone are you using?
the photo is super clear haha

Soren Lorensen said...

i love love love your hair...this casual look is made more interesting by the sandals

but i am mainly obsessed by your fringe

loft in soho said...

You look amazing dear!
I loooooooove your hair <3


Nerdic.. said...

Love the sandals!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Wendy said...

Damsels: thank you & a happy 4th of July to you too! :)

Joanne: i'm using a Nokia N80 to snap this pic :) it was my sis's.

Wendy said...

soren lorensen, loft in soho, nerdic: thanxxxx! :D

Ash Fox said...

your adorable. by the way that image of daria for chanel is one of my favorite ads EVER!

Hadley said...

pretty shoes!
love the boyfriend jeans.

Wendy said...

ash fox: lol thanx :) well, that image of your looked similar to Daria.. ooo soo lucky you!

hadley: thanks for dropping by and for the lovely feedback ;)

Isabel said...

You look so cute! I love the incredible ease of your outfit, while the sandals keep it interesting.

Noelle Chantal said...

oh love the fit of those pants and the simple shirt with those pretty sandals. just perfect casual outfit. and is that an LV bag? very nice. :)

A Pinch of Style said...

Hi Wendy! Outfit is very well put together! I can't believe they don't have Awang where you live! Where do you live anyway?!? Have you shopped for it online?

Wendy said...

Isabel: LOL thank you! and yes, this is one uber-comfort outfit:)

Noelle Chantal: Thanksss! LOL yes it is an LV but a replica version. The real one would cost me my salary for a month or more LOL :) Thanks for stopping by!

A Pinch of Style: Hi! Thank you so much :) yeah, even if they do, i won't be able to cash on them LOL. I'm from Malaysia btw :)

xoxo to all!


love your hair! and your sandals!

ivy said...

love ur choice of sandals!! u totally roxx, gurl! :)