Coco on the Lido

[Image source: style.com]

Flappers and what's 30s had never looked so good till there was Karl Lagerfeld with Coco Chanel's eye on fashion, which is the exact reason why Karl has always been one of my favourites since young. Chanel's iconic traits have been well preserved through Karl's reign as the creative director, I must say. On another note, I've omitted the red part of the collection as I only had my eyes on these which I've picked and compiled. Click here for more.


styleantagonist said...

FIRST! i love the 2nd picture onwards. It opened my eyes to a new level of design ;) i'm loving it!

Damsels said...

i apprecitae you trying to give us the best of the best excellent editing
We Were Damsels

Wendy said...

style-antagonist : you're definitely the first lol. glad you like it :)

damsels: thank you!

Tili_lili said...

I must say the "curvy" girl on the bottom right looks so much better in clothes than the skinny girls..
I absolutely adore these photos and the details in every piece. Chanel is such a classic label, it will never create anything that isn't worth being out there.

michellehendra said...

LOL, sure they are in their gothic theme! i love the classic hair do and the whole collection!

Resa said...

Thank you for your really cute comment. I enjoy reading your blog, too. Your style is so interesting, I love it. ♥ Thanks for adding me into your blogroll. Have a nice day. :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Such an amazing collection. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the resort pieces, but this is the first I've seen of the Chanel range. Love how Karl constantly reinvents the classic Chanel look and keeps it contemporary yet timeless at the same time. Thanks for posting!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Insane, OMG, I'm shaking. :)
I see you are wearing my fave shoes below, too. ahhh lucky, wish I HAD gotten them in black sooo bad!


MITICA said...

Coool Chanel Resort!!

Wendy said...

The show is so nicely done.

a mouse said...

*love love love love love it*
i think coco would be proud!
(except that you can see knees..
but maybe shed be over that by now?) :D
hearts to you and your lovely blog!

Wendy said...

To all, I'm glad and pleased that you enjoyed this post on Chanel's Resort wear ..awesome design, perfect setting, great show :) Thank you for all the comments!