The Late Confession

(F21: White Tank Top, Tiered Chains, Edge-defining Sunnies. Grey skinnies & clutch from a random store)

As promised, I've finally found some extra time to make a so called, collage, of items I managed to grab during my trip to the city 2 weeks ago. As you can see, these items can be easily found almost anywhere and nothing too special about it. I wasn't too happy about my purchases if you notice from the words I am using. Well, true but at least I grabbed something rather than coming back empty-handed. At least, that was how I tried to convince myself because I realised I was doing it all wrong when I came across a blog yesterday, brigadeiro which offered lots of useful shopping tips and that it's really okay to go home without purchasing anything. Sigh. No point crying over spilt milk, right? But, there are some which I didnt regret purchasing. It's still ok, I guess.

Bought it for the lamest reason ever- 'I need a clutch'. Twas the first thing I saw and twas cheap. Why not, I thought. Or so I thought.

Grey Skinnies with Side Zipper:
Topping up another worn out pair which magically turn into an acid-washed skinnies after days spent in the outdoors.

White Tank Top:
Trying that whole A.Wang thing. Due to lack of time, I tried it with my clothes on and I think you guys know the rest of the story. What a silly thing to do.

Layered chains:
Mutemode grabbed it too. Affordable and exactly what I needed :)

Been craving for one since style-antagonist owned one but it was never on my wishlist-kinda forgot about it.

(NOSE Wedge, MNG MANGO Floral Dress)

I've never felt so dissatisfied about my purchases until that day. So, as a revenge, we binge-shopped at the local malls and ended up purchasing these two items. The floral dress is my favourite and it was on sale. Ah, nothing feels as good as buying worth-buying sale items and coming back to my home sweet home. The dissatisfaction ended since then.

(Someone please do me a HUGE favor and give me a big slap as a reminder of the current economic crisis. I should really stop shopping!)


joanne said...

I love the heels that you bought! super nice!
if only i can find smth like that in SG=( Anyway, I don't think your trip to the city was wasted I mean the clutch and necklace is pretty awesome hahaha.

Sushi said...

I seriously love everything in that first photo! x Sushi

Wendy said...

Joanne: Thank you :) the wedge was 1st introduced to me by my sis. She said it resembled Marni alot.. glad that you like it! Whoa, no way.. SG is a much cooler place to shop i feel :) You're probably right, i shud stop whining about it i guess LOL. Thanks for dropping by! xo

Sushi: You do?? Seriously? I wanna start loving them too:D thanks!

Damsels said...

the NOSE wedges are insane!!! i mean gorg!

lvoe your purchases .. can you wear the m soo n?
We Were Damsels

Wendy said...

LOL thankies! plus they r super comfy & stable. Nothing beats a non-tripping shoes :)

thank you for suggesting! I should probably do a post on that.. very soon :)

sexyinthecity said...

thanks for the comment!!
Is a pleasure for me cause I check your blog usually ;)
Loves your outfits!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy! i knew it was a bad idea bringing Raven along with us in this trip.. i'm really sorry :( no more in the next trip, i promise :( Geez, i never thought that i would ever like layered necklace.. but after looking at your 1st picture, i'm begining to fall in love with it :D Oh no! i've missed it alr. i've should have bought it when i'm there!! :( Anyway, your grey clutch doesn't look bad at all after all, i did said that if its matt would be better, but now i could agree to go both matt or glossy. It fits your ensemble very well. And... your floral dress from MNG, i just can't take my eyes off it ever since. Damn! they just don't have it in L or at least a M size :( That's just so irritating! i hate the fact that i am always stuck with size L or XLs despite the effort to lose some weight and i am sick of it! (Sigh) .. Never mind, i shall look at the NOSE wedge for now. IT makes me happier, i thought we have missed it, ain't it? We're perpetually missing a lot of the 'it' or 'statement' accessories and things here. :D i'm glad that we've found of so-called Marni-wannabe-wedge :D ha ha! We should start convincing mutemode to get one too ;) i'm planning on one too as soon as the sale hits the store.. would like to get myself the green one.. he he! Anyway thanks for posting these, they're superb! Love it so much!

Green Tea and Coffee said...

Those shoes are so awesome! Totally love them.. Super pretty!

tailorstitch said...

i like the simplicity of the first outfit

Kat said...

The floral dress is gorgeous! I wouldn't worry about the spending, I love everything you bought haha :D Most of it is basics you can wear to the death anyhow

Wendy said...

style-antagonist: hey no worries..Raven was not a nuisance on that day :) It's not bout that.. just a bit disappointed with a regular store which doesnt seem to do any updating on their stock. U know which I meant LOL! you can fit into M actually but you chose to buy clothes of L sizes:-p yes, we must talk Ivy into buying that wedge too.. then the 3 of us will have it.. the green one is gorgeous :( ah, im trying not to overthink here LOL thanks for introducing me to the wedge.. cos check out those comments on the shoes ;)

Wendy said...

Thank you to all.. I felt much better about my purchases and I'm beginning to love them all! :D

Wendy said...

I really like your new wedges! And I also need to get myself to stop shopping as much also.

Liz said...

i love the wedges that you bought:)
thanks for commenting at my blog anyways :)

xooxo liz

Lara Natascha said...

wonderful boughts you are realy a style icon darling!

ivy said...

dont even think of it...to the both of u (wendy&style-antagonist) lol! not my type of wedge...i mean...im looking for wedges..but not this type :P besides, i've just bought one..online..coming soon..very soon~~~

oh ya, awesome post, wendy! keep it up!

joanne said...

I can't believe you said SG is a much cooler place to shop. you know when I said SG i meant the country Singapore right? haha

joanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

i LOVELOVELOVE the tiered chains!

visit mine, if you happen to like 'em, we can exchange links :)

May Kasahara said...

I'm loving the wedges - definitely marni-esque.

Isabel said...

Coincidentally, those are the exact sort of the jeans i've been look for, the grey jeans with side zippers! But i'm hoping for a pair that are lighter washed, but these are nice! Where did you purchase them?
PS love the dress and the heels.

Wendy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy said...

Wendy: LOL glad to have found someone who's facing d same problem as me!

Ivy: Oh im sure you'r gonna buy that! wait till we wear 'em :P and yep, 'it' has arrived!!

Joanne: oh yes im definitely sure of that :) Iv seen some singaporean bloggers with some really cool purchases! and im dying to visit there someday :)