Circles & Summer Sunshine..

(Vintage sheer layered dress with circle prints, Vincci black tiered & heart-shaped pendant chain, Diva turquoise ring, Diva diamenté studded ring, Nose ankle booties in nude)

The sun was shining beautifully on that day and it kind of caused my pictures to look slightly sephia-ish like how I love pictures to be. I've recently (well, two weeks ago, to be precise) purchased these two items, the sheer dress with circle prints and also the ankle booties in nude. In fact, I actually bought a lot of stuff lately which is not doing good for my wallet and not to mention, my soon-to-be bursting wardrobe. I'm sooo gonna have to get a new wardrobe.

Btw, my family trip to the city was, kind of fun. I didn't manage to get all the things in my wishlist and I didn't manage to snap pictures of my outfit on that day. Pfff. What a day, that's all I can say. But, what I did manage was wearing that ensemble I planned and on a plus point, I get to see, touch and feel my dream Aldo wedge in real and omgosh, I was on cloud nine that time. In fact, I was on cloud nine throughout the whole shopping spree. Oh, I will find a time to post a picture of my purchases some time :)

Have a great a week ahead!

Oxford booties, where art thou? :(


Rachel said...

I really love your purchases! And the turquoise from the ring matches great with the rest of the outfit.

Tili_lili said...

Aaw, you look like such a doll. I love it!
& the shoes are quite fierce, I'm desperately craving for some wooden heels.

moraki said...

gorgeous shoes!!

Damsels said...

those booots are amazing
We Were Damsels

you look beautiful

alissa loves said...

the shoes are stunning! perfect contrast to the dress :)

Laura. said...

love your shoes!!!



FrouFrouu said...

SUCH a pretty outfit, perfect for a summers day. the colour of the ankle boots is perfect with the dress, LOVE thw whole ensemble.

Ah i know what you mean about bursting wardrobes, i'm finding it so difficult to cope with mine - i need a room for my clothes!

- frouu/ nadia

The Haute-Shopper said...

That dress is gorgeous! I adore the pattern, shape and texture of it! Those booties are a great addition to the outfit... terrific look! Glad you had a nice weekend and looking forward to seeing your purchases :)

MM said...

your style is so cute.
I just discovered your blog!
I love it.

Champagne said...

So cute. Love the dress. Well, it seems that you had a good time with the fam. Can't wait to check out the new purchases.

bisou-joue said...

nice outfit ! i love your shoes !
thanks for your comment!

ivy said...

sweet-mother-of-venus!! nice outfit :)

Song of Style said...

ur dress and shoes are so lovely

MITICA said...

cool cool cool

ann said...

I love your dress & shoes!

Lauren said...

The nude heels are so perfect for summer.

x x x

beba said...

I love your outfits !

Supercalifragi Fashion said...

thanks for your comment! i love your shoes

xoxo romylicious.blogspot.com

Yuka said...

you are so adorable. i love how nude shoes look. i need a pair asap!

Lily said...

wow. this outfit is absolutely adorable!
I love the print of the dress as well as the wooden heels on the shoes.
great buys!

clairegrenade said...

i'm drooling on my keyboard over those boots
really i am
lovely, lovely stylin' dear ;]

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love nude lipstick, clothing, and shoes- your are so very gorgeous, btw!!

thanks for the comment honey, 80's revival is back I say, even if it isn't ever "in" I don't careee I love it. lol<3

I enjoy the way you sign off your comments, very cute!


Maggie said...

The floral dress n ur shoes r perfectly matched! U look so girly chic!
Have a nice weekend! :)

Maggie said...

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Wendy said...

1st and foremost, Thank you to all who have commented on this post! :) They really made my day!

xoxo to all

Wendy said...

Dear Maggie,

It saddens me a lot to hear that my fellow blogger being bombarded with harsh comments. As far as I am concerned, you're definitely a blogger with flawless style and cheerful personality and do not deserve harsh comments. But what worries me is that you pointed out that 'that User' came from my link which means there is a high possibility that he/she is one of my readers. And yes, I am from Malaysia and I probably have a wide range of readers from Malaysia too. I seriously do not know anything about this or anyone in relation to this matter. As much as you respected your blog readers, I too, have the same respect towards mine and would not pin point any sort of accusations on them until the matter is resolved. But the question is, will it ever be, as we're dealing with something of a very wide scope and beyond our control here. Therefore, I am very disappointed with the direct accusations placed upon my blog and also to my readers as being the source of the harsh comments you've received and, if linking you in my blogroll caused you a lot of trouble, I will have it removed.
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a mouse said...

ah! i love all your shoes!!!

Maggie said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for ur reply on that matter! My blog's still on privatized mode and i would invite u to access. Pls feel free to dropby anytime u wish. I think it would stay on as this until i m more ready. But definitely no hard feelings between me n u as i like ur fashion senses and blog too!


Wendy said...

a mouse: thank you! thanks for dropping by :)

Wendy said...

Maggie: Thank you for the invitation and for your kind understanding on that matter :)