Cut-Out Cravings

(Above: Aldo Wedges, Below: Jeffry Campbell cut-out wedges)
Recently, I've obtained some mild obsession towards these cut-out wedgies. I love the mediocre height of the wedge and how they have those criss-cross straps at the front. They'll go great with almost anything. Unfortunately, this obsession will remain an obsession because I know I can never get my hands on these shoes.
[Pictures courtesy of jak&jil, vanillascented]


Sushi said...

I really like the first pair and have been growing more and more fond of them the more I see them x Sushi

Wendy said...

so do i lol! :D

Aphrodite87 said...

The first pair is adorable ♥

Wendy said...

lol.. ur making me crave for it more! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea where to get the first pair?

WENDY said...

@anonymous: i've checked and they are pretty sold out everywhere, even on aldo's official web.. perhaps u could try ebay? :)