Grey Matter

(GAP Maternity long-sleeved top, Vincci heart-shaped chain, black tights, vintage shoulder bag, Urbanog strappy heels)

Throughout the years, I've developed some kinda strong liking towards something loose and baggy at the top, say a knitted sweater, paired with a skinny bottom. They looked very casual and house-wifey at the same time, like those women carrying groceries in brown paper bags on their left hand and on the right, their car keys. Looking busy and walking towards their car, an SUV or station wagon to be precise. As for me, I like that kind of life - minus the word 'housewife' :)
Btw, my bangs have been really irritating you can't hardly see my eyes, right?

Yes, that bag. It is vintage and it is old. Seriously old. It was at the shop, probably since a decade ago that it has roaches inside (not mine) and dust all over. For those who followed my blog, you can see that I've worn it before but I never get to talk about it, like a lot. It costs only approx USD2-3. After giving it a lil wipe & shine with so much fear that creepy crawlies might crawl out of nowhere, it looks like brand new. It is new anyway. Old and new, at the same time. Alright, cut the crap.


tailorstitch said...

the shoes are hot!!

Sushi said...

I seriously love this outfit! Those shoes are perfect and make your legs go for miles x sushi

Victoria said...


xo v

...love Maegan said...

cute! ...love the last photo. ...and I think you look hotter than any "housewife" you're talking about ...lol.

Champagne said...

Its a lovely bag. The next time I go to topshop I have to get a small bag. My shoulders would thank me a lot if I did.

I've enjoyed looking back at your blog entries. I picked you randomly when I was reading Camilla's comments from Childhood flames and you interested me. So I'm glad I decided to look at your blog. ^_^

♥ fashion chalet said...

i have those same platform heels in blue, they make it in black too? who knew, love the whole look on you!! ♥


miky said...

i love the shoes i have them in blue

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Was so supprise to see your recent updates! Cool ensemble, loving it very much! Thanks for your comments & support to my blog! All the Best!

Lara Natascha said...

wow so amazing.
love your blog!
exchange links darling?


Wendy said...

thank you for all them lovely comments:) they really made my day!

xoxo to all,

Wendy said...

n yes, those shoes came in black as well ;)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

lovely style!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you sweetie :)
fabric-collecting sounds fun!


Laura. said...

thanks for the blog comment. love yours :) lets be new blog friends.

Those shoes are killer. <3


ivy said...

love, love, love it!

Non Faux said...

adoraaaablllee outfit!

Michelle Park said...

This outfit is perfect, but are the tights sheer? Are you wearing small shorts under that shirt?

I'm too chicken to wear sheer tights under anything that short - even if it does look Olsen chic. haha.

Anonymous said...

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