First Aid Kit Gone Handy


I was browsing thru the web while searching for things to babble about in my blog and a lil inspiration, perhaps and I came across these bandaged style leggings. It was love at first sight for me and I couldn't get my eyes of the creativity of doing a mummified tights. I wish they are available here.. then I wouldn't have to scout round the web coz those currency converting is really killing me. Anyway, it looks DIY-able to me. It seems there are 2 strips of stretchy fabric being criss-crossed till the ankle. And, to make the criss-crossing stay where they are when we're walking, maybe a lil stitch on the intersection of the criss-crossing might help. But the problem is, how to even start it?
I want to do something about my worn out tights, maybe a lil shredding. I have lots of plans but I don't seem to have any time to do anything. Even the buttons in the previous post have yet to be changed to black :(
[Image source: kingdom of style]


ivy said...

lol! love the title of this post...it suits very much! never knew leggings could evolved in such ways :)

Wendy said...

it was from danity kane's damaged! lol..yeah. the bandaged leggings is sure a creative evolution :)