Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach

After much consideration and countless product review read-ups, I finally decided to indulge in a peach shade lippie by Revlon. I think it has the closest peach shade I've been wanting all along. I love that it's super moist and just a few dabs are all it takes. According to a feedback in makeupalley.com, a site I never fail to stop by before splurging on any cosmetics and such, it says to lightly conceal your lips before applying the lipstick to get the best of its peachy shade. I have yet to try it but it definitely made sense.


beba said...

Oh, here you are! :D

Nice shade.

Peace and love!

Em said...

I love their colourburst range! Have one in a coral-ly colour name escapes me gah. I apply with my finger for a more natural stain =)Came back from KL recently, god I loooove your country!!

Tash said...

I love make up alley. I can't remember the last time I bought something without checking their reviews first.

This is a great colour, and I love the packaging.


duckalicious said...

Revlon has some awesome lippies, definitely among my faves.

WENDY said...

Beba: Yes I'm here! Yeah, sort of MIA for a bit but hey, I'm back :D

Em: Another brilliant tip, will definitely give it a try :) Welcome to Malaysia, I hope you had a great time! Do stop by again ;)

Tash & Duckalicious: Thanks for the comments :) I'm definitely gonna be investing in Revlon lippies from now on lol

Sanity Notebook said...

Let us know how the wear lasts throughout the day. My makeup bag needs a new lipstick.

sojourned in style said...

great title, so fitting :) the colour is gorgeous and very rich, I'm sure you made a good choice with this one!


duckalicious said...

hey, it's me again - just wanted to tell you to head over to my blog and see your feature as the blogger of the month! hope you like it.


I just bought a peach orange lipstick too, but from Chanel!

so connected :D