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Menu: Grilled Chicken Salad with Thousand Island Dressing, Deep Fried Sesame Crusted Fish with Rice, Tomyam Soup, Tropical Fruit Tea and Mocha Glacier (edit).

I really liked lunching here at the Black Canyon Coffee. The food's great, so is the environment and the friendly waitors. The place is usually a full house on Sundays but we were one of the early birds so there was plenty of seats to choose from. I had positive feedbacks from my two sisters who nom-ed the rice dish and Tomyam soup. Feedbacks verified true when I stole some from theirs. The salad was fresh, the chicken slices were lightly and perfectly grilled, and as someone who has carnivorous appetite, I almost finished it with the help of extra salad dressing, only didn't manage the last 2 leaves. Oh, and 2 rings of onions.

Ivy's camera seems to take better pictures than mine. Funny how I'm blaming my camera instead of my still-novice experience in handling a DLSR. Pff.


janettaylor said...

I love that watch!


Violet said...

wow the food looks great! i really like the first photo the details are shown off perfect in it. the ring is amazing.

oh onion rings you should have snapped a shot of them

Vi from Cali


My dear friend Wendy!

How stylist and cool you are! This place is amazing and the food, yummie! Fantastic photos!!!

About your question, my lipstick is made here in Brazil...

see the post!


LOve, always!


Jessie said...


Flaviana Boni said...

I love your armour ring!
Nice blog dear!
im following. Hope you do the same :)

MoandKa said...

Amazing rings!

Zarna said...

everything looks delicious and i'm loving the knuckle ring!

Tea For Two said...

It's great getting to a good place early before the crowd and just relishing the food and the atmosphere..

I'm LOVING your rings. You're making me want to go shopping!

And I love In Dreams by Orbison too. Definitely one of my favourites, specifically since it featured in Blue Velvet and I love David Lynch.

piapia said...

the foods looks so yummy, i'm starving right now, lol. and the rings pretty awesome, dear !


Wendy, my chic friend!

I linked you today in my post, thank you for beind such a sweet person...I'm honored... you are one of the most chic ladies of our community :)



WENDY said...

Thanks all :)

@violet: I could have but the leftovers were pretty, unsightly LOL

@kira: thanks so much for the link and you're too sweet for the weekly link feature :DD

@teafortwo: I'm glad I did :P Thanks for dropping by!

sojourned in style said...

everything looks yummy! the clarity of the pictures makes them that much more appealing. I am in love with your jewelry, your rings especially

Mirror of Fashion said...

The food looks great, your jewellery looks even better!

Shantee said...

Oh, i miss Black Canyon! i used to go there quite often since Summit is near me and your rings are amazing :D

mimi said...

oh yum! that looks amazing. and i love all your jewlery