ph. by mutemode
(cardigan/brandless, top/cat's whiskers, belt/all brands outlet, maxi skirt/la robe, sandals/match, bag/vintage)

Upon taking these shots, I can confidently conclude that the people in my town are indeed, PESKY. When me and my sister, Ivy, found the ultimate quiet spot
to take a couple of outfit shots, all of a sudden, cars and passersby, crept out of nowhere and gave us that laughy, teasy kind of look. Some even honked at
us. Excuse us, but are we breaking the freaking law here? Save those attentions to people who really need them, like those involved in road accidents cos I
don't see you guys stopping and lend a helping hand. Mind your own business, for photography's sake!

On a much calmer note here, that's my favourite thirst quencher - Sour Plum Sprite from Food & Tea (Hong Kong). Other than that, my sister and I had an
awesome time with our friends, Jessica and Tuja. And I'm already anticipating for our future meet-ups!


{ I V Y } said...

very cute, i like he florals and sandals!


Mila said...

You look great in a maxi dress.Also,love the floral top!Oh and you are way too cute! :)

Ines said...

You look like Frida G. in that long skirt<3
Love your hair and long skirt:)

Grace said...

Gorgeous as always, you make outfits look so effortless!! Which I could do the same - you're such an inspiration!

Grace x

J. said...

What an awesome outfit! I love all the grey!

TOPCOAT said...

I love this outfit! xx


Yaary said...

im loving that shirt beauty! and grey looks really good on you.

style-haus said...

i like the grey wall as the backdrop... great pics. you sport the maxi skirt so well...fabulous sandals too. p.s. sorry to hear passerbys were being so annoying!


mariska said...

pretty,i love ur top..


hiven said...


The Frocker said...

Aish! Sounds so annoying. Not to be a misanthrope or anything, but sometimes people really get on my nerves!! LOL... I probably would have given them the finger.

Anyway, you look really cute in the outfit! I like the cardigan, maxi skirt combo. :)

Carissa said...

maxi!! I love it so much <3

Style Porn said...

Getting "caught" taking blogger photos really is like one of the most embarrassing things ever. Especially when you've set your camera up on a tripod in a parking lot and you're jumping up and down over and over again. But I don't say that from experience...errrr

Damsels said...

haha.. i always get people doign that.. which is why a lot of my outside photos i have a grumpy look on my face.. its probably because i hate attention.

you look excellent for early fall

Shantee said...

hello Wendy!
its been a while and as i browsed thru ur updates, i love them all :D

loving the maxi skirt :)

motor vehicle accident said...

great outfit really lady and pretty