ph. by mutemode
(Bowtie blouse from Creampuff Wardrobe, random shorts and braided sandals from local stores, belt from styleantagonist, vintage bucket bag,
round sunglasses from Mango, LOVE chain)

This place gives me the creeps. It is very near an old gymnasium which I never knew of its existence until that day. However I'm not too sure if it's
abandoned. Some trees are visibly withered and dried leaves are basically everywhere on the ground. Plus it was gloomy that day. I can't imagine
being there alone, setting up tripods and striking a few poses. Now, that is so not me to begin with, cos I don't have yet, to own a tripod.

I am actually contemplating on posting outfit posts of late, and it's all because of my hair. I got it cut again and was devastated and deeply
disappointed of the outcome. But I had no choice as going extensions throughout its regrowth is something, unnatural. I'm convincing myself it's
growing everyday and eventually felt better. I never seemed to learn.


Yaary said...

love the colors in this look beauty! the shorts are so cute.

Mila said...

Sweety,you look beautiful as always.Love it :)

Amber Rose said...

You are too adorable.
And so is your hair-- promise.

RaceforProsperity said...

love the colors, very casual chic

Indie.Tea said...

Love the bracelets and the navy blouse with black skirt. Really chic and elegant.

jamie-lee said...

i love this outfit, it is so simple and chic. i always get a little creeped out in places where there is no one else there, it is just me..


Kate said...

I love your blouse! And I know what you mean, I'm one of those that use a tripod, and I avoid certain places because I feel uncomfortable being alone hidden away taking pictures!

Violet said...

well you look great and i would not have known you were creeped out being there lol

Vi from Cali

fashion westie said...

I understand your feelings about your hair. Once I got mine cut from uber long to uber short, I hesitated to do outfit posts because I felt wierd looking. You shouldn't worry. Your hair looks fine to us all. Don't be self conscious about it.

Love that blouse!

Ivania said...

I ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT... and your hair looks nice! maybe you have to get used to it.. it looks supernice with those sunglasses

BRIANA said...

love this loook!


ari said...

your hair looks great, But I totally know how you feel, the same thing happened to me recently. I was devastated for the first week, and after that I realized it wasn't a big deal. I think I was making it way worse that what it was actually was. anyway, LOVE your outfit! very relaxed yet polished at the same time. love the blouse and sandals!

Val said...

i love your outfit, especially the shoes. great blog xx

Zabrinah said...

Beautiful sandals!! The gray color is just soooooo beautiful!

And I love that blouse! In fact, I love the purse, belt, and sunglasses too! I love the entire outfit!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Awesome outfit I think you look incredibly chic. I like how both the items drape ever so slightly. PRetty.

Damsels said...

i loveyour braided sandals! i feel like the nudish color gives the illusion of making yur legs longer

*rachelwears said...

i love absolutely every piece of this outfit- everything looks so great together, you are genius at pulling things together, i love all your looks :) xxxx

Thrive on Novelty said...

your outfit is gorgeous! i love that blouse xx

Kara said...

such a chic outfit! i love everything about it! and I think your hair looks great- that was the first thing i noticed! i hope that doesn't make you feel worse lol.


{ I V Y } said...

ok, i love your blog! your sunnies are amazing.

christen. said...

love love LOVE this!
especially the shoes...
and the belt...
AND the SHADES! haha :D

awesome blog lady!
follow each other?

xx, christen

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look, darling!
Love your shoes!


helena said...

This outfit is really cute. I'm in love with your sandals.

Aney said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love your feminine yet sophisticated style.

Totally in love with the light bow-blouse.

style-haus said...

u're right, something about that road looks quite eery but ur shots turned out great. :) lovin' the blouse and loose fitting shorts. p.s. i actually really like ur new haircut.


michelle_ said...

thanks so much for your kind remarks on my photo post :)
this is one of my favorite outfit from you !!
its simple and chic !

just wondering, can the belt be bought online ? i love how its twisty in the middle :)

Not a Paper Cup said...

I love all your rings! :)

yiqin; said...

I want your shades!

rebecca said...

Looove the shorts.
And it's great to go to creepy places (occasionally!)


Kim said...

amazing outfit and I really love your blog !! You have amazing style girl !

Ms. sHiRo said...

Love the simple looks on yours.
Especially the color of your dress, adorable.
I actually love your new hair :)

Sounds Like a Parfait

Style Porn said...

Your hair is cute! I love it. It will grow on you, I promise.

Gayle said...

Oh my good lord, I want your cocktail ring.


And your sandals. Cute outfit!

Visit my blog!

Sassi said...

wow, I absolutely adore your outfit, you look so gorgeous.

Pinkie Anggia said...

Great photograph
You look beautiful here ;)

Xoxo ♥

Pinkie Anggia

Jenna said...

this is 1 of the prettiest looks i´ve seen lately. i´m jealous of your sandals and glasses!! the colors here are perfect :)


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

I love the dark colors and the whole outfit actually !



Maddy said...

Great photos!

The F Word Online said...

i love this outfit ! the sunglasses give it the perfect touch

xx lue

jade said...

i like your new hair cut! it always takes agaesss to get use to short hair, especially when you wash it! i hope you like it more now!



hello girl!

I love this look and this blouse is so chic! did you buy it on-line? I also would like to buy it! If you can, please pass me the shopping links, I couldn't find it in google :)



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Great outfit. like your silky top

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