(Vintage striped tees and bag, DUET skinny jeans, clogs from online, accessories from F21 etc)

Lately, I have been having a really hard time thinking of the words to go with every post. It's probably one of those times where I've grown tired of
watching your own architecturing your journey ahead resulting a loud silent scream which no one knows about.


On a happier note, grous shots taken by my youngest sister, who is just 13 years of age. Big sis am very proud of ya! My sisters are a huge part
of me that at times, I don't really know what am I gonna do without them. One of the things I really enjoy doing together with them is just planning
and talking about what to wear. And we'll throw in our opinions and comments on certain outfits we're planning on wearing - whether that black
jacket goes with that nude shoes, that floral top matches well with that shorts etc. I know 5 years from now, when I look back at these pictures,
they are gonna be just a collection of memories from the past. Of the great times spent together, as young, care-free-spirited sisters.

I had no idea this place was wired with security cameras.


Breanne said...

Love the shoes!! So cute. :)


Anonymous said...

your bag is so vintage! damn love much.

Georgia said...

Haha how amusing for the security guards! And that I'd z lovely photo of you and your sisters, I have three brothers do the concept is unthinkable... And, I love the simple striped top, who doesn't?
It would be mine

johanna said...

all of you look adorable!

Mila said...

So beautiful!
You and your sisters all look great.

Anonymous said...

Love the clogs lots! :)

Kara said...

you and your sisters are adorable!! and speaking of adorable, your outfit is perfection! Must steal this asap. will credit you in the future! ;)


janettaylor said...

I love Ur clogs...

Suzanne said...

I still need to get me some clogs, i love yours!

Vivienna said...

How many sisters do you have?

style-haus said...

love the clogs and bag! super cute.
it's so cool you have sisters to bounce off ideas with and get fashion feedback :)


ari said...

love the way you wear your clogs!
also love the nautical feel because of the striped tee, and absouletly LOVE and WANT your watch ;)

jamie-lee said...

You look so gorgeous - this is such a nice look on you x


TOPCOAT said...

Amazing outfit, very casual chic! xx


Roya said...

Love your cross ring, and after looking at this outfit I've decided I need an oversized striped shirt.

Also you and your sisters are precious.

em said...

aaah what a cute family. I have 3 sisters of my own and we're nowhere near as close as you girls are! I've been to Malaysia twice last yr - loved it so much so, I'm now looking to base myself in KL! x

beneath the glass said...

love the simple outfit and i adore your shoes. you and your sisters are so cute together, very stylish!

thx for adding me, i will be sure to do the same! :D

yiqin; said...

Ah lovely stripes <3 I want oyur shoes!

Check out my giveaway in my blog :D

Laura. said...

love the snaps!!


Nemerae said...

Gorgeous outfit :) love that bag & clogs are so comfy and trendy..!!

The F Word Online said...

stripes and clogs ! always a great combination. love the outfit girl

xx lue

Jaymie said...

You look lovely, that ring is a beaut!

Wendy said...

Thank you :)
I'm blessed to have my sisters and also you, my fellow readers <3

Jess said...

so lovely clogs! you look good in the pics :)

Jess from Taiwan.

Vicki said...

Love this oversized striped top!! your blog is awesome! i will def be stopping by again :) x

beba said...

God, those cameras. They are everywhere. They make me feel paranoid sometimes.

You girls are so beautiful! I wish I have sister sometimes.

Peace and love!


Kate said...

Lovely outfit! So simple yet chic :) Perfect accessories x

High On High Heels said...

That striped top is awesome, very simple but so cool. I need to get myself one of those, love it!

Oh, and I love your blog, +1 follower ;)

High On High Heels said...

Oh huh, where can i follow you?

Li. said...

Ohhh, you're really, really cute! I love this outfit, the bag is perfect. :D
thanks for visiting my blog!