After more than a month of hiatus, I finally made up my mind to give my blog a revamp and well, maybe a lil update on what has been going on
behind The Absence. Probably in my next post, haven't got it composed yet. In short, too much things in such short time actually. My emotions
literally hit the rocks and thank God for God, for His peace was like morphin to me.
And to my fellow readers, I am probably back for good. Thank you for the concern and sweet comments left below. You are the reason I am back


duckalicious said...

welcome back, you were missed!

beba said...

Hey Wendy! I'm glad you're back!
And now I can't wait for your next post, I'm so curious! (:

Peace and love!

Raji said...

It's good to know you're back!
I hope everything is okay, and you'll be onwards and upwards from here on out I'm sure

rebecca said...

really missed your blog posts and your lovely comments!
cant wait for your next post! x

Georgia said...

Yay! You are found..
Looking forward to new posts
It would be mine

joanne said...

i am glad that you are back and that everything is well.

Wendy said...

Thank you all for your well wishes and for anticipating my return :)
I am very blessed to have you girls here! <3

Maria Evans said...

nice look the previous one.