Cut That Strings and Watch Me Fly

(Floral dress as top, DIYed denim shorts, F21 chain, random bangles and Inspired Docs)

Finally a feature on the floral dress with shortened sleeves. It looked so much better now, and more versatile. Got my hair re-coloured as well as the previous one was fading and becoming more carrot top-ish. Now there are officially two things I regret doing to my hair. First was to cut it short and second was this. Regrets after regrets. Sigh.
My emotions have been running up and down for the longest time already. That old feeling still visits after months passed. Everyday I wonder about the road not taken or could have taken and wanted to take. And then fear comes and shoo all the thoughts away. But going through life everyday, makes me wonder about that road again. And the cycle repeats.

Battling these mixed feelings are really tormenting. God save me.


isabella said...

amazing pics! loving the outfit!

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> new inspiring post ;)


Georgia said...

The hair looks great! So does the top, you did a good job.. My advice is also to take a really really long bath/shower. And finish with an overpriced chocolate. It will last for all of an hour..
It would be mine

Anonymous said...

yeah i totally get what your saying...and i wish there were ways to forget about regrets but sometimes there arent any.

love your outfit and the new hair color really looks good on you!!

V said...

1) I am copying this outfit.
2) I LOVE your hair dark, you look wonderful.


I'm Heraid said...

I love this. Casual yet chic. LOVE IT

STARR said...

The floral looks really good with the boots!

StuddedLilly said...

love the DIY shorts! very cute outfit!


tailorstitch said...

such a simple change, but a big difference. Just have to remember it will grow, plus if you don't experiment how will you know what you do or don't like

Missy said...

fab outfit!

For everything about fashion:

maritaBliss said...

Lovely contrasts !

marigold said...

Those shorts look professionally done! Nice outfit!

by the way boys over flowers is really cute and the actors/actresses are all gorgeous...something you should watch!

Noelle Chantal said...

i'm so with you about that.. and there are TONS of things that's been bothering me once in a while..

anyway, i love your hair and he floral top! love the whole look and your accessories you wore :)

Violet said...

you look great.. good job on te sleeves

regrets are just a feeling you get after choice you dont like... they are good for you because then you know not to do it agian! :)

Vi from Cali

Jen said...

i love the way that floral dress looks with those DIY shorts. great job shortening those sleeves! and can i just tell you how absolutely gorgeous those sketches are down below?? :)

rebecca said...

regrets are a horrible thing. just try and keep thinking positive. think of the beautiful things you have like that gorgeous dress! x

Lucie said...

I love a casual outfit - and your hair is absolutely fabulous. Wow.

Lucie x

Marla Singer said...

love the top and inspired docs <3

Ally said...

You are so lovely :*) I love the outfit! So effortlessly cool & chic.


The F Word Online said...

cute outfit girl ! i love floral. but i love it even more with tights and denim shorts. since i love your blog so much im definitely linking this one so i can stop by more often. hope you dont mind !

xx lue

Lucie said...

I love this floral top!

Lucie x

andbythewei said...

You are an AMAZING fashion designer and sketcher!!! You must post more of your sketches (and copyright them!). They are absolutely beautiful.

$ouLphate said...

love how you mixed the florals with denim shorts! and eventhough i don't know what's going on but i hope your ok..you should look towards the future. it's just that what your describing sounds familiar and living in the past is something no one should do. sending some cyber huggss and kisses to you!

Pipiola said...

the shirt is stunning!

Erin said...

I LOVE the denim shorts and tights look. Especially with bright tights. You look great, love the blog!




Dylana said...

Amazing outfit! Love the top!

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!


The Owl's Closet said...

love the outfit! the floral top is adorable!


beba said...

Oh, God, save me from mixed feelings too, please!

Your hair looks great in dark colour!

Peace and love!

Damsels said...

your hair looks great .. also i love the 90s vibe floral that iget from the shirt. the docs ara perfect amtch for it too

vicen said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?

yudis said...

good job boss

Christina said...

Amazing blog- I'm your newest follower (:

I love how dresses can turn into shirts (:

btw, I like the name of your blog

Indy said...

The print on that dress is awesome!

gant watch said...

Lovely outfit! Gorgeous denim shorts


There is nothing more cool than denim shorts with black tights! Fab!