You're A Holiday


Do you honestly write how and what you really feel in your blog? Or do you find yourself trying to conceal the other side of you? The more I analyze it, the more I feel I am more of the latter. When I'm here, blogging, I am always writing the happier side of me, leaving out the non-sense, depressed side. After all, this is only a space featuring all things fashion, art and music as quoted in my profile. Sigh. What about you?

Blah-- Despite being chronically broke, I managed to squeeze in these must-haves items. It seems like I'm always saying I'm broke, aite? I think the whole world knows I'm broke by now. Maybe I should be positive and confidently say, yes I am mighty rich? LOL. I wish I can really say that. Well, one day. Some day.
Oh, I almost forgot here. That's a cute pinkish-nude clutch's from MNG and.... adrmartensinspiredboots. Yeah, you heard me :)


Raji said...

Love the shoes.
Im always posting about being depressed, maybe we should switch?

fashion westie said...

Hmm, I feel like if I put any sad/depressed stuff I'm sharing something that's only supposed to be for my friends and family. My blogs supposed to be about fashion-y/happy stuff and so far, I've managed to keep it that way. Bagging on Big R is allowed though :-)

Hannele said...

That's a cute clutch!
I end up not writing much because of what you're saying... I'm not the most comfortable at revealing my state of mind online about anything, so sometimes I write things that only seem to make sense to me! haha
anywho, think I'll try to improve on that ;)
thanks for visiting me Wendy,

cheddah said...

i need boots like those! definitely on my list of things to get next time i go thrifting

The Frocker said...

Hmm... I don't get depressed/in a bad mood too often, so I don't know. I feel like my blog has nothing to do with my emotional state, I guess. The only things that come through about me and my life in my blog are my eternal broke-ness, my sarcasm, and obviously my taste in fashion, art and music.

But honestly, if you want to use your blog to write about how you feel, then you should! It's your blog, do what you wanna do. :)

Violet said...

very nice buys i love the clutch

Vi from Cali

Damsels said...

im incredibly broke too ... i wish i had the money for boots like these but alas ..

anyway i try not to write too much about my personal life .. some days i might say im really bummed out ..but my blog is a blog about style fashion and music so most days i dont write about feelings ..

beba said...

Hey Wendy. I don't write about my bad feelings, because I would totally fall in, post would be too long and the hardest thing because of my bad english would be translating. Then I would felt more depressed, because of spending so many time telling people how depressed, broken, chaotic etc. am I. But if my english was good I would write whatewer's on my mind. I think so (:

And thanks for your comment! I love reading your comments (:

Peace and love!

rebecca said...

hmm im not really sure if on my blog im concealing myself but i dont think anyone could properly know me just by reading my blog just because how much do i write already? theres constantly things happening that i dont write about coz id be blogging all the time if i wrote down everything. i think my blog is a place for my inspirations and ideas but to me its really like a diary where i put down all my feelings. the thing is ive never written a diary so maybe my blog is more like a diary then i think. i dunno but what i do know is that im desperate for those doc martens! x

CMA said...

OOOO that clutch is adorable
love it darling
super cute boots, a common staple for the winter look
thanks for sharing as always
i really love your blog, keep it up!


tailorstitch said...

sometimes i dont mind writing how i feel but generally i dont as i havent gotten to the stage where i feel comfortable telling people how im feeling over the net. i know how you feel about being broke, it sucks :(

Shantee said...

i guess we are alike in the sense that i only reveal the happier side of my life. lol
mostly because i dont know who's reading. there are so many times where i feel like just writing what i feel but, there's the danger of revealing too much then people who read your blog would think that by reading those bits of your life, they 'know' you therefore will judge you.
i would rather avoid all the drama and keep the blog simple :)

Wendy said...

wow.. i had fun reading all these comments.. people really do read what I write. To all, there are days I would just feel like slamming the keys and type out my 'other' side but yeah, like everyone else here, I'm always managed to keep them in.. all the tiny whiny details are meant to be kept in a much more safer place, like my lil diary book..books.

thanks everyone for commenting .. they are much appreciated!

xoxo to all :)

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

classic & cool

janettaylor said...

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Good luck!


Laura. said...

I tend to shy away from blooging when I'm in a bad mood, because I'd end up writing some self-loathing piece which nobody wants to read really.
And my blog is for fashion not for whats going on in my personal life....