With the extra time I have now, I decided to share with you some of the things or places I've loved for almost all my life and nothing makes me happier than sharing it with all my readers and those who happen to come across my blog :)

1.) The Beach House - Been dreaming of having a house by the seaside since I was a kid. I love the splashing sound of the waves hitting the shore and the non-stopping wind. If I were to ever own one in the future, I would want it all white with a tinge woody brown with lots of windows, with an extra room where I can draw, paint and even sew.

2.) Paris - It's so, Ratatouille (the movie). Dreamy.

3.) Venice - My dream vacation spot. Been wanting to give it a visit since I got to know the existance of Italian football. It doesn't seem to make any sense, right? Long story short, I used to have a crush on an Argentinian footballer during the World Cup of 2002 and after much tracking down (stalking on footballers was my favourite past time), I found out he was also playing for an Italian football club, Internazionale. And from there, I went on to discover the existance of this really beautiful place called Venice.

4.) Wet Brick Road - I love streets made of bricks. Being wet is a plus point. Think Anna Nalick's Catalyst or any songs from Chris Botti and you'll get what I mean.

5.) Chicken Pesto Pasta - Something me and a friend of mine liked to chow down on back when we were at University. However, the pesto at my university was so inconsistenly flavoured with too much salt today and too much oil the next, got me doubting to rate it as the best. My sister, Rebecca went on to improvise this recipe and got me addicted plus rating it THE BEST ever since.

6.) Oreo Cookies - Double stuffed cream without the twisting, licking and dunking please. A lil seperation of the layers are fine. Why complicate it with those three unnecessary steps?

7.) Starbucks' Chocolate Cream Frappis - Almost heavenly.

8.) Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence - My family's favourite occasions cake, be it birthdays, Christmas or the 'I-feel-like-eating-a-cake' cakes. I love moist cakes, you know those which glides down your oesophagus easily and don't suck up all your saliva? Yeah, this is definitely one of them.

9.) Autumn leaves - The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side, and so are the leaves :)

10.) Who Moved My Cheese - I wouldn't have given it a go if it wasn't for my sister. The only book I read besides investigational story books which I love to read in my early teens. Extremely motivational and helps me to cope with changes of life. I love reading things which relates to the human psychology or behaviour/attitude. I love books which make me think and realize something but have yet to find a time to find one. Any suggestion?

These are only a few of the things I heart which I could think of at the mo. I will do another compilation some other time of some other things I like. I hope all of you had fun reading this :)

Time for me to grab a bite of something for lunch. Bon appetit everyone!


LACY said...

i have always wanted to go to venice, it seems so beautiful :)

ivy said...

i really had alot of fun reading this post :) thanks for sharing it out..and those pics are really nice..especially the chocolate indulgence cake..it looks so tempting~

The Haute-Shopper said...

What a great list! I would kill for a Starbucks right now. Venice is a beautiful city. You should definitely visit, but it's important you go there with a partner. It's seriously the most romantic place I've ever been to and it wouldn't be the same if you just went with friends :) Love the pic of the wet brick road too...

joanne said...

i LOVE OREO too!
And yea i too don understand why ppl have to twist,lick and dunk it. haha.

I once got a craving for it and ate one whole packet on my own=x

Lauren said...

lovely photos, and who moved my cheese? is a great book. i was skeptical until my dad told me to read it. :)

Fashion&Such said...

OREOS LOVE! and tbh any of the coffee thing from starbucks or costa taste amazing!
I'd love to go venice :)

katie d said...

I love the wet brick street photo... actually I love the entire list

your blog is great, I love your style!! :)


thischicksgotstyle said...

Such a cool post!
And I really like your outfit in your previous post :)
Thanks for your sweet comment!


kiss me quick said...

those pictures made me ungry x)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Le Eiffel, Pasta, Starbucks... OK, I'm all set!! :)

About my Sams, I hear a rumor they may relaunch again this Fall. *Crossing fingers*

Thanks for the lovely comments and for always putting a smile on my face, dear. LOVELY outfit below ( very Nicole Richie-esque, whom I love! ) and the scarf below, where can I get one of those?


Lily said...

I love this post! Paris and Venice are two of my favourite cities..try to visit them at least once a yr! Can't say I agree with you on wet brick roads though..for me their a complete death trap in my heels!

styleantagonist said...

Wow! i noticed that i was late! Love this post, adds variety.. Perfecto! my favourites, House by the Beach, Chicken Pesto, Choc Indulgence, STARBUCKS.. Not that i don't like the rest but its because they are a little bit too commercialized. Thank you for your compliments.. he he :D And, as you can see, most of them are food.. hmmm, i just don't know why.. except for that Oreo, yeah they really ran out of idea. What's with the slogan & unnecessary norms.. You can just put the whole piece into your mouth & munch it, simple! :D Good one!

sexyinthecity said...

lovely selection!

Lori said...

that house is beautiful... and so are oreos ;)

Wendy said...

thank you to all who have dropped a comment here! it's great knowing that most of you share the same interest as me :) have a good day everyone!


Su. said...


Good job with the posts n outfits, must take a whole lot more effort not being able to have bigbrands nearby at hand in Kuantan. But you're doing great :)

About books, try Tuesdays with Morrie or 5 people You meet in Heaven. Its more of a novel style, which makes it an easy read and is generally about lessons in life.
Been published for really long, but still a top-seller.