Black Ballet

Bought this pair of ballerinas which was on sale recently from MANGO. Can it be considered as a mary jane, since it has those ankle straps? It's made of leather and ooh, I can't wait to tell you the best part. It costs only ≈ USD8 :) I like things which are cheap as I ALWAYS believed in affordable style. Gosh, I would call this a best buy! Well, sometimes I would splurge of course but not all the time. Speaking of shoes, those oxfords I purchased have been taking a really long time to arrive. Okay, I'm trying not to freak out here..

Tomorrow's a Sunday. What am I gonna do?
Rest I guess.. Have an awesome weekend!


Sushi said...

These are so cute! What a great buy :D x Sushi

Wendy said...

lol.. thanks for the visit ;)