ph. by Daniel
(Cape-like top/pumpkin, pants/mango, sunglasses/mango, clutch/china, pumps/steve madden inspired, choker/beautifuldisaster, ring/diva)

Note: Blogger outage, hence the re-post and unintentional deleted comments. Anyway, thank you dear readers who commented earlier. God bless ♥


janettaylor said...


Raji said...

I adore those pants
Gorgeous, crisp, chic!

Lucyana Mendes said...

Wow! i just loved this photos! so beautifull!

Following you from Portugal*


Georgia said...

Nice accessorising with the red lipstick and sunnies. And don't forget the awesome choker. I seriously want a ring version of that
It would be mine

Mihovil said...

every time I see a new outfit post from you, I just make a face like this :O
you're my no.1 blogger! :D

vintage process said...

Amazing! Love this look!

Eva Ana Kazić said...

That's my daily casual, hi soulmate :D


A.n.E said...

wow, this is a great white shirt. Just can't seem to get enough of them. I love the box/cape cutI
ps.hope they thoroughly enjoyed their retreat!

Florence said...

OMG dear, you look FAB. I can't say how much I love your glasses enough ...OMG!

Where did you get them ? Are they just sunnies ?

LOVE THIS SOO MUCH!! Check out my latest post ! I love this outfit so so much, its are wonderful and pretty.


Sick by Trend said...

O M G! what an outfit and pictures.. The location, light.. really, Love all of them! amazing honey!


Have a nice weekend! :)


Vanessa Valdivia said...

Great outfit! You look stunning, love your clutch and shoes.

Hugs from:

Carolyn said...

love this outfit, simple with a unique flair. and been looking for a clutch like that! always such good finds in china

Sara C. said...

Lovely look + lovely shirt
Sara C.

duckalicious said...


no really, I totally forgot to close my mouth when I saw this! what an amazing look, I can't find enough superlatives for it. everything works perfectly together, but that awesome blouse and the necklace are my fave pieces. thumbs up big time!


Becky said...

Cute outfit :) Love the oversized envelope clutch!

Florence said...

Hi there :D I haven't found God yet.... I wonder when, and how it feels to have him as a friend. Hmm....

Anywho, how are you and what are your plans for summer? Haha and oriental vibes - there are some of those in your post right here !! I feel the oriental ness :D

check out my latest post - i made something cute!


k come karolina said...

amazing pics!!!

xoxo from rome

Damsels said...

one of the most perfect white shirts ive ever seen!

Joanne Lyn said...

i really love this look! omgosh. you brought a whole different vibe in this outfit than ur usual outfits, love it!

beba said...

Oh my! I can't stop watching this set of pics! Really! Wow! Everything is just beyond perfect.. your hairdo, sunglasses (!), necklace, shirt, oh God, these pictures are crazy great!

Wendy, you're an icon!

Peace and love!

annette said...

loooove this post... the shots and blouse are are the rawness