Picture taken by a friend, Gerelynn

A late one indeed but better late than never.
With my childhood friend, Selena, who is also my occasional lunch pal. Another year will mark our 20 years of friendship :) Being somewhat baffled by the fact that all of my full outfit shots were blurry and if not, legless, I vowed to never, ever leave my camera at home again. Silly me decided to be 'modest' and 'humble' at the wrong time.

The day wasn't all that bad when you have sisters who took a half day's leave off from work to help stitch a bow sash onto the dress, chauffeured you all the way there, waded through the stampede crowd to help snap a couple of outfit shots (which explains the blurry pics mentioned) and on top of that, waited patiently till you're done. All without the slightest grumble. Aren't my sisters the best? :)
I wouldn't want to imagine life without them.

And to my mom, Happy Mother's Day. You've been more than a great Mom! Love love ya ♥


Lydz xX said...

hope it went well despite everything, sisters are a great invention :)

Lydz xX

sojourned in style said...

great picture, despite your camera woes. sisters are incredible, I have one of my own and I cannot imagine life without her.

A.n.E said...

for a second there, i thought it was you getting married! i came to my senses and read a few posts back :P.

aww this is such a sweet dress! and YES sisters..and mothers are the best!


chopstick panorama said...

omg 20 years? that's soooo cool :D really fantastic. I admire you so much

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...



camerafilmroll said...

Loving those eye make up! <3

Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful pic of you both.


Violet said...

from what i can see the dress is pretty and you look gorgeous!

Vi from Cali

Carolyn said...

you two look gorgeous!

WENDY said...

Aww, thanks everyone :))

Lotsa love,