ph. by Daniel
(shirt/vintagepackstocks, skirt/vintagerockstar, belt/online, shoes/agape, socks/korea, bag/vintage)

Mr Michael from Photographista handed me this seven things about me award recently (Thank you!) and I'm required to sort of pretty much enlighten you with obviously seven things about me. So, I:

1. am a Chinese, from Malaysia.
2. don't drink nor smoke.
3. used to love drawing, sketching and dream big.
4. love photography, beautiful pictures and the whole idea of fashion.
5. am a perfectionist and hate it sometimes.
6. don't know where I'm going sometimes.

But, I do know that I:
7. love God, my family and life itself. And that, is beyond sufficient.

I apologize for these boring facts but I can't help being secretive. Point 8.
Therefore, I'm passing this to these lovely lovely bloggers:
fashion westie
kira fashion
scrapbook de la emma

Thanks for reading! God bless.


THE CHEAP said...



Jessie Carbullido said...

Tres chic. Interesting, not a bore. Especially #5. It's good to be a tid secretive sometimes :)

janettaylor said...

Lovely bag!


Laura Sherriffs said...

Its good to be secretive, Im exactly the same! :)

I love our outfit, the socks and heels are an adoralbly quirky twist!



Marcia B. said...

Again! You are always so cute!!!!

Damsels said...

thats a beautiful look ! its office ready but with style. and not boring . love it!

chopstick panorama said...

Wow, your outfit is gorgeous as ever. Looks really business like yet very fresh. :D

aw, could you show me some drawings? :D really interesting! coz I used to draw, too.

Emma said...

cute skirt, very chic

Francesca said...

i really like your style. you take amazing photographs. im following now xx

▲ http://opinionslave.blogspot.com

yiqin; said...

I want a lovelyshirt like yours :)

TOPCOAT said...

Unreal, so simple and beautiful xx

Emma said...

oh i only just realised you linked me :) aww thanks honey

thingsIlove said...

Amazing outfit! Love the 7 things about you....we have A LOT in common.

p.s. you don't look chinese!

Zarna said...

you look SO chic! loving the belt & bag!

Jessie said...

Your socks are too cute.

Mihovil said...

aww :D great look btw ;)

Deanna said...

I love your look. And your facts arent boring, they seem honest.

jamie-lee said...

you look so beautiful and elegant, I love this outfit. One of my good friends in Chinese from Malysia too, she used to go there every summer and come back with sacks of sunflower seeds lol

Anonymous said...

congrats on the award!

Happy Saturday!

xoxo, Bree


WENDY said...

Thanks everyone! :D

Anonymous said...

Your outfit looks elegant!
Especially, your socks and shoes:)

Mila said...

Oh sweetie thank you so much for the award!
I really love your outfit, looking cery chic! :)

sojourned in style said...

gorgeous outfit. the socks are a nice touch. congrats on the award!

beba said...

Oh, dear Wendy, you're so beautiful!

Thank you for the award <3

I completely agree with 5. and 6., also with 7. where I would add boyfriend, friends and dogs :D

I also find myself in 3. and 4., just that I don't like the whole idea of fashion, I have a bit critical view about it.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Perfect bag. x hivennn

Sara said...

I really love white shirts. They're very confortable and versatile and I often steal them from my boyfriend's wardrobe!

LivingTheVogue said...

Very nice blog darling! I love your style, all your outfits are so cute. Perfect combination of elegance and freshness ;-)