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An in depth snapshots of what I wore for Thepoplook's House of Harlow competition previously. My sisters and I didn't manage to be hailed as the winner
but all glory to God, our picture managed to gather up to around 388 votes before the deadline. A huge huge huge, gratitude to the bfs, the bffs and not
forgetting people whom I hardly and/or never knew of, who gave their utmost support by liking our picture. Good samaritans do exist! And thank you, readers,
as well. God bless you all :)

In just another 1 more day, I will be meeting up with my two bffs since college, like how we did last year (Wow, it's been a year) and I'm feeling the rush and
excitement already! Desperately wanting to at least shut my eyes for an hour or so but I still got a long way to go in terms of packing. And can somebody
please explain to me, what am I doing here? Pff. It's hard being me these days, I must admit. I'm becoming more complicated and if it isn;t for normality and sanity,
I would bring along my whole closet -- Anyway, two days after will be my sister's graduation day, finally graduating from her MBA. Words cannot express
how proud I am of her achievements to date. So I'll be seeing y'all in a bit!


Mila said...

Sweety you look absolutely beautiful as always :)

Anonymous said...

love this look.

christie said...

gorgeous outfit from head to toe! x

Laura Sherriffs said...

Lovely, as usual. I adore your dress and jewellery


Clara Emily said...

love your outfit very much (:

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

oh i love this outfit quite a bit. I literally want to wear it today lol. love the red cardi. its perfect.
Scrapbook de la Emma

jamie-lee said...

simple yet cute, you look lovely. have fun with your bffs x


yiqin; said...

youre so pretty! Love thje red cardi!

janettaylor said...

Pretty look, darling Wendy!

Niko's view said...

lovee your bloog :)

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Damsels said...

congrats to your sister! i would be so proud as well. you look great . its simple but stylish and not tryign to hard like most other bloggers.

Malu said...

Lovely, and SO adorable♥


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Georgia said...

That dress is so perfectly floaty. And love your hair, looks way more red than usual
It would be mine

annierama said...

your outfit is gorgeous!
love the flower print!

Noelle Chantal said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week. And meeting up with college friends sounds fun too!! Oh, congrats to your sister, I can tell you are so very happy and proud of her.

By the way, love the cardi against the floral vintage dress. The huge ring, def loving it! :)

Shantee said...

the vintage dress is beautiful :) esp when paired with the red sweater.

KANI said...

your vintage dress is brilliant!

love and merry christmas from australia!


sojourned in style said...

stunnning photos. the outfit is a beauty. love the dress with that ring adn cardi.

little moon lover said...

cool outfit.. totally channeling Alexa Chung!
happy holidays

Lacee Swan said...

very cute outfit! love the red!