(Vintage sheer shirt, DUET tapered pants, Mango clutch, Diva sky blue stone ring, DIY headpiece, Bakers wedge courtesy of

No, this is not the DIY previously mentioned. It is a random DIY, made out of excess fabric and nothing too special about it but I loved how it
brightens up my monotone outfit here. And how that tan wedge sort of pulled me away from my usual plain blacks and whites.
Also, the much lovely
Johanna (thank you!), awarded me with this amazing blog award:


And I am to tell you where I think I'd be in 10 years time. Tough one. I am tempted to say, 'Well, only God knows','Nowhere, just here, same old
same old'. Such a negative me, I know. Injecting positive vibe and faith, I'd be in some place I love, which is good for me, where the grass is greener,
where people around me are happy, supportive and most importantly, inspiring. I can't really name this place as I wish to be any place with these
elements all put together. It could just be where I am now - home (:

I pass this to all my fellow readers. Just tell me where do you think you'll be in 10 years time, in my comment box. I look forward for your answers.

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Title credits : Iron & Wine


Anonymous said...

another amazing outfit.from you.aww super great ! :))

Mila said...

Wow wow wow,my friend you look amazing again!!

Yaary said...

ohh your shirt looks so fresh! im loving this whole outfit.. those pants looks amazing on you :)

Teresa said...

Great outfit! Perfectly simple and chic!


A.Co said...


Those wedges are wicked and I'm loving your clutch!!

Just found your blog today!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Fashion Cappuccino said...

That white sheer blouse maybe the most perfect blouse I've seen! Love your accessories, especially the headband and the shoes!! Hmm..in 10 years, I'll be a homeowner and a celebrity stylist or a blogger getting paid big bucks :-) xoxoxxoxoo


love love love the headband, shoes & clutch! gorgeous outfit :) you're stunning ♥


ps. amazing blog! i'm following :)

Fashion Monstre said...

i love your blog and outfits!!

Frickys said...

i am in love with this outfit not to mention that i am still searching for a shirt exactly like yours! And the high-waisted pant balances the top perfectly!


wow! you are flawless! pants, shirt, bow, ring, shoes, clutch..wow! magnificent!

lacee said...

the white shirt, so timeless, you look stunning!

Anonymous said...

oh wow you look amazing!
i especially adore the hair bow :)

Ashley said...

I am inlove with your outfit especially the bow! I love anything with bow hahaha I am truly madly addicted to them. Did you made it? Please have a tutorial? Pretty please.

Karolina K. said...

Great outfit. Really classy, but kinda crazy. Cool anyway :). I really enjoyed your blog. xx

Joanna M said...

This look is perfection, fom your the wedges to your headpiece!
Really,really beautiful photos too!

Isquisofrenia said...

you did an awesome job .love your style its so egdy and adorable.
you look stnning!

beneath the glass said...

Hi Wendy! Love the simplicity of outfit with the cuteness of the bow!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll visit again and follow me!

Love your blog as well and i'm now following :)

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Those shoes ! That Outfit ! Wow this is all so gorgeous !



starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...


style-haus said...

oh how i love this look! so classic and chic. p.s. great post title...i can listen to that song over and over.


Fashion wild said...

Thank youuuu!! I love your blog I follow you now !

Wendy said...

Thank you! :)
Love you all <3

joanne said...

love your sheer shirt! its the perfect piece of clothing to wear in summer!!!

Isquisofrenia said...

i know i want every piece too!


i love the third photo, it's cute! and i love the way you tie the bandana around your head with your hair in a bun. should try that myself sometime in the future. thanks for sharing! you're a fashion inspiration.

p/s; thanks for updating my link! i really appreciate it.

ch▲r said...

oh my, i LOVE this outfit! the bag and the shoes and the ring... lovely :)
i like your blog, dear! ♥

minnja said...

Wonderful outfit, I love it!
You look really beautiful!


Adele said...

Love the shirt this outfit suits you perfectly I think :)

- Adele

Carissa said...

clean and stylish. love it!

A.n.E said...

this is cute ;) love how you have soften up your outfit with your bow headpiece. - its so adorable

Zhcsyra hp said...

loving yr style but how to follow yaa.? :''((
lil bit sadly.