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I enjoy looking at pictures of people making something, especially clothes. Like a DIY. I find them interesting and somewhat, soothing. A few days ago, I altered one of my dresses which seriously needs some alteration on the sleeves or you may find it here. I think the length of it is really weird. It just stops there with not much of a surprise like a puff or something. It looked like an, Italian football jersey. Yes, that's the word. Now that it is shorter, like a capped sleeve, it's so much better but I haven't planned on wearing them just yet.
Anyway, these minor alterations are nothing compared to those who make things, like Childhood Flames' most talked about poofy skirt tutorial last year (I think). I was amazed and still am. I'm just too lazy making something from scratch. I'd rather just buy them LOL.


isabella said...

awesome blog!

Laura Gerencser said...

Nice! Can't wait to see what it looks like now! Although I liked it before too!:)

Georgia said...

I love the pattern here. And when you paired it with the brogues.. I'm incredibly rubbish with sewing machines, I've used it once in my life to make a dress which is basically a tube of fabric.. haha
It would be mine

Kate said...

The pattern on this dress is gorgeous. And I love the outfit on the post linked

rebecca said...

yeah i also love pictures of making stuff. its just so exciting seeing something being acheived x

Missy said...

fab pics! i'd love to be able to make clothes x

For all things fashion:

fashion westie said...

I have a machine but it's been on the to-do-list of getting repaired for like 6 months!

So, I only DIY if it means I can shred or rip! Lucky that Balmain was still showing riped/holey tops....I get away with non-sewing for a season longer!

Yay you though, can't wait to see it's rebirth!

Anonymous said...

i love DIYing!

Wendy said...

Thanks all :D

Ainhoa said...

i really like this post and the pictures are pretty !

Violet said...

yes Diy is always fun. i get inspired from watching other do them

Vi from Cali

The Petite Blogger said...

nice blog!!!! i also alter a lot of my clothes too and i usually find it really fun!!!

xoxo jenna

fashion westie said...

Reply: shop peeps.

I know, it's like 'be nice to me, I'm giving you money...it pays your wages, keeps your shop open and I'm not being nasty or rude, I'm being saintly! Why treat me like crap?'

Clara said...

lovely <3

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

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