Bisou Bijoux

[Image source: popbee]

Vogue Paris, July 2009


tailorstitch said...

this serves as a reminder that i need more jewelry asap

Georgia said...

I love the fade quality to this. As to whether its a result of scanning or purposely done, I like it. Good choice.
It would be mine

rebecca said...

i love that this model isnt very pretty therefore youre not looking at the model but rather her actions and what shes wearing.
okay im too tired to talk sense! x

the style spotter said...

awesome editorial!!


$ouLphate said...

love her jewelry especially the bangles!

whatitfeelslike4agrrl said...

I love the cuffs and bracelets! More then anything- I love that silver skull (I just finished reading Hamlet).

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Elaine said...

SO amazing.


CMA said...

gorgeous as always darling
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing

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