Diamonds Are Forever


I could recall at the time when I was younger, probably just a few years back, I would cash on faux gem rings which I am still wearing now, and not to make myself feeling bad for not buying any for my mom, I would suggestively asked if she would like to have it. My mom cringed and said, "No thanks. I am allergic to fakes." I gulped but at the same time feeling good having to keep my purchases to myself LOL. At that particular moment, faux gems ruled in my world. I did not have even the slightest interest towards the real deal and would always opt for a faux one which got me to ask my mom how in the world could she ever set eyes on those diamond rings or those ruby gold necklaces with their complicated carat thingy? I couldn't understand and my mom casually replied, as you get older, you WILL eventually love them. It's probably encrypted in our DNAs. Eventually, I did. Now, in my early twenties, I have come to a point where I am actually looking at (note: not looking for) platinum diamond rings and starting to appreciate the beauty of these precious pieces. Faux gems and jewelries are merely fashion statements but real diamonds are both a fashion statement and forever. I guess, anything faux is like eating junkfood. You no longer crave for them as much as you do when you were younger and start opting for something of more benefits and most importantly, value. Like a 4-carat diamond platinum ring or a sapphire gold necklace. These little pieces may cost you a fortune but they add glam, as well as a sparkling touch of class and elegance to any outfit.

I came across this site, like
Abazias.com which offers an extensive collection of jewelries ranging from necklaces, earrings and even watches. But what caught my attention most are their diamond rings and how you get to personally handpick from a wide selection of diamond shapes, rings, carat, clarity and even the colour range which combines to create your very own unique piece(s). And the best part is, all these in accordance to your budget - a great news for those who are on their way to marriage-dom and even to those who are content being in their single-dom. With shopping made easier, you get to save a whole lot of time driving and scouting around for the right piece at the right price. Plus, you get to avoid those pesky salesperson who enjoys introducing something you don't really need, which could end up causing you a great deal of deviation towards your initial plan. Well, I gotta say everything is so speedy these days that even engagement rings are just a few clicks away. Anyway, I tried using the very easy to use ring builder tool and got my very own engagement ring! Yay!


I am a little too greedy where I preferred mine to be huge, as you can see, with small little diamente's around The Diamond. As a result, I got myself this really gorgeous Tiered Bar Set Diamond Engagement ring and am officially engaged to none other than the love of my life, fashion :-)

[Image source: timeinc, stylescene-latimes, thediamondstore, diamondscape, about.com, swaf.org]


CMA said...

diamonds really are forever
beautiful, thanks for sharing these dazzling shots

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janettaylor said...

Amazing post Wendy! :-)


Carrie said...

Wow, I really enjoyed reading this post. And I can definitely relate. I never use to care, but now that I'm getting older (and my mom just bought herself a diamond ring this summer), I'm starting to understand what all the fuss is about. A real good quality diamond is absolutely stunning and you can tell it apart from the really cheap stuff. But yeah, I get that feeling too and I'm more interested in the real stuff as oppose to the faux stuff.

Thanks for sharing this.


Fashion&Such said...

aha, i love the fakes right now cause i really don't trust myself with the real thing!
I can imagine a real diamond ring must make you feel soooo fab & elegant & expensive.

World Traveler said...

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rebecca said...

i do love diamonds and im not old either! just went on the website and tried to make the most expensive ring! its lots of fun! x

Champagne said...

Diamonds are just beautiful too own, to wear, to do anything with. I wish I had some diamond.

joanne said...

I love this post of yours!
I totally understand why you used to like faux gem rings.
And I agree. As we get older, the more we will learn how to appreciate the authentic ones more.

But I have to say if you don consider how good the cut is and all that other more complicated stuff, sometimes faux gem rings do look nicer than the real ones.
Yea the quality isn't that but it does look good!

Shantee said...

i've never been a fan of diamonds but i guess my time will come soon haha that site looks fun :D

sofiasophie said...

aren't diamonds girl best friend ????

Vanessa said...

I totally hear ya. Great post! :)


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