Vika Voguette

[Image source: the sartorialist, bazaar_russia, altamiranyc, soupserved_flickr, jak&jil]

Vika Gazinskaya - A style of her own, she successfully caught my attention with the extended shoulder trenchcoats which are similar to those of the 80's-90's plus the boyish haircut in the first picture which I think, almost resembles Marie Fredriksson of the Swedish pop duo, Roxette. She is the epitome of those busy New Yorkers (she's a Russian btw), walking along the streets, rushing to work. And all you can hear is the clacking of their shoes against the brick floor and some murmuring. Give her a briefcase, a newspaper, a cup of hot coffee, and off she goes.

V has gotta be for Vika. Loves!

p/s: Referring to the previous entry, I would really love to but I am not going to Paris or anywhere near Paris. Perhaps, some time in the future :) It was just out of randomness as I will only be going somewhere out of town this weekend. Have a nice day everyone!


Damsels said...

great style in all these pics


styleantagonist said...

Extreme Style! Decent + Confident! Simply love the haircut! So unique & special!

Bella said...

She's incredible! xxx

The Haute-Shopper said...

What an incredible look! Her hair and tailored outfits are so masculine, but she does exert a strong feminine side as well (the same way icons such as Annie Lennox do). Haha, it's funny you mentioned Marie Frederiksson.. I know Roxette were a bit cheesy, but as a teenager, I used to be a big fan.

And thank you for your kind works about my blog. I'm really enjoying yours as well and I've added you to my blogroll :)

Wendy said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for the lovely comments & for dropping by:)
yeah, i really love the masculinity of her outfits & not to mention, her haircut! :)

and how can i missed annie lennox?? lol you're so right!